Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 27, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I wish to give a message for all those who are willing to listen. It is on the theme of free will and that God does not interfere with the lives of mankind. God does not manipulate individual souls, mortals in your world, for to do so would be to contradict the Law of Free Will.  Each individual in your world is given the privilege of having the opportunity to make their own choices, choices that at times contradict the Laws of Creation. Humanity above all other creatures on your world have this gift and can act freely in the world. So the conditions of your world are created by humanity. Humanity has free rein although still subject to the Laws of Creation such as the Laws of Cause and Effect. Yet,  the will of man is free to move, to act, to be in the world without the interference of God. 

The will of man, in what it has created in the world, will bring about a response in relation to the laws in which mankind is subject. Every action will bring some response. If that action is in harmony with the Laws of Creation, God’s Laws, then there will be a positive response and greater light is created. The atmosphere around the individual is lightened and purified to some degree. It is the thoughts as well as the deeds of each individual which determines this outcome. So we encourage you to have positive thoughts, to consider your actions, to be guided by God, to bring within yourself the great blessing of Divine Love which purifies the soul thereby influencing individual  thoughts and actions .

The journey of soul awakening is an important step toward understanding the responsibility and the power that the individual has in regards to free will. Rather than stepping forward in the world expressing oneself without the wisdom and understanding of the Laws of Creation and thereby creating often negative responses, one has the opportunity to step forth in wisdom and responsibility to create greater light and harmony. But God will not interfere with that choice, beloved souls. God does not interfere with the workings of humanity’s continued existence in your world. This would contravene the Law which He has placed in regards to your existence. 

It is up to each individual to understand this rather than what is the case of so many who step forward in error creating conditions in the world that are inharmonious with God’s Creation and then turning to God and blaming God for the response to these actions. Indeed, many innocent individuals are victims of the collective actions of humanity. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided in the realms of this Law in action. It is suffering that ensues when humanity acts without true knowledge or the higher intentions which comply with God’s Will. Therefore, all are subject to the harsher conditions and responses that come with the world whose existence and what you call, vibration, is low and unresponsive to the higher blessings of God. So your world continues to react to the actions of humanity in ways that are harsh and definitive and not ameliorated by the gentle Touch of God, for God cannot bring this blessing readily forward in regards to the Earth’s expressions and actions of existence.

I know this is difficult to understand and it is a complex matter but the Earth has its own consciousness and in fact, is subject to its own Laws of Creation. But it is also subject to the conditions which humanity has created on the surface of your Earth. Humanity does not understand its own power of influence, its energetic touch upon the world. For most of humanity sleeps. It does not have the capacity at this time to see beyond its own daily interactions with life. A deeper understanding is possible but the choice of humanity is to ignore this, often in ignorance of its existence, often in a desire not to engage in deeper thoughts and perceptions which complicate their daily lives rather than complement them. 

So the Earth reflects the harshness of humanity and the ignorance of humanity. In God’s Creation, energies interact. Conditions, as we call them, elicit responses in a way that encourages greater harmony or at least healing of that condition toward harmony. Unfortunately, the power of the free will of humanity is confronting the power of your Mother Earth, creating friction and response that is, in itself, often harsh and decisive. So within this interaction, as humanity grows in numbers and power and influence on the Earth, the power of response of Mother Earth will intensify. Humanity will indeed suffer the consequences of its actions. God is not condemning or punishing humanity for God has, to some degree, an arm’s length relationship with humanity. God is allowing humanity its own course of action. 

God is offering solutions: love, healing, peace. All things that are good and of light are being offered to each individual. Those who are listening to this message are often benefitting from these blessings given. But humanity on the whole is sleeping, yet acting out of self-desire and cannot see clearly the consequences of such actions. The power of culture, a nation, the world, is immense in its capacity to limit the choices of humanity and carries all towards a certain trajectory that is not in harmony with God’s Laws.

As humanity continues to grow in strength and influence, its actions immensely complex and often destructive, so the outcomes of such powerful elements created by man are often negative and brings much pain. Yet, God will not countermand His Law, the Law of Free Will. God merely offers His Love, His guidance, His wisdom into your souls. Those who will not hear, will not turn to God and will not attempt to understand these laws, continue to decide for themselves their own fate.

Actions that are of light and harmony will continue to be subject to the harsh conditions and reactions from the Earth. The Earth is in crisis. The Earth is responding to the inharmonious conditions that humanity has placed upon it. The Earth’s desire is to survive, to function in all its beauty and complexity, what you call the ecological aspects of the earthly condition. The Earth will not give up in this regard. The Earth will continue to respond, provided humanity continues in its blind expressions, its ignorance and willful desire for self-gain continues in this trajectory. Can you blame God for this, beloved souls?

God created a beautiful system, a way of being in harmony with all of His Creation. God continues to invite you to join Him in this harmony, this way of being in the world that is in harmony. Even still, your dilemmas are often determined by the power of this influence, the momentum of humanity’s expression in the world. You are one of billions of souls, so it is understandable that you see these problems as being insurmountable. 

You have trouble understanding how you may play your part in this global situation of conflict between Mother Earth and humanity. This is why we have assured you that there is a plan so that the outcomes of Light and harmony, of Truth and Love, of wisdom and peace will come to your world. There is indeed intervention, but it is not how you perceive God’s influence and effect in your world. It comes from the Laws in action, those things that God has created for all eternity coming into play in response to men’s actions and expressions.

With this comes the help of spirits, high spirits and angels helping to guide each one of you in the way of wisdom and light. Even we cannot countermand the power of free will.  We may only advise and assist where there is an opportunity and invitation from the individual to do so. Yet, we work with many, many souls on your world. We make great effort to influence many. This influence is coming to bear upon the minds of men. Many individuals are beginning to see the bigger picture as you call it. 

So, we continue and we seek the guidance of God, to continue to enact this plan for the salvation of humanity. It unfolds with each day as the overriding conditions of humanity continues to be enacted with each day. The antidote to this darkness is also being expressed with each day and grows with each day until the light that is focussed upon your world is greater than the darkness that is proliferated on your world. This is the plan, beloved souls.  It respects the free will of men. It respects the Laws of Creation. It respects God’s Will, God’s desire for humanity to entreat light. So you will come to resolution, beloved souls. 

It is not a situation that is clear and can be understood in one thought or blessing from us giving you information about this plan. Rather, it is a day-by-day scenario, one which requires your open ears and eyes, asking to be guided each day and so you will be.  So, when you allow God to guide you, putting aside your willful desire for independence and coming to God to be united in a singleness of purpose, a unified desire to be in harmony with God’s Will and Laws. That you will find your way and your place in this great plan that is destined to be enacted in the world.  All elements of God’s Creation continue to conspire to bring the dreadful conditions that man has created in the world to light, to harmony, to love. 

Although the resistance is great, the ignorance is overwhelming and the lack of love gives us great distress. Yet, the power of all the elements of your world and our world and God’s Will, will win the day in time. Yes, free will is respected. So humanity must come to this choice for light or darkness. Your responsibility, beloved souls, who know and are well aware of this choice, must speak of it to your brothers and sisters, must share this understanding that if one aligns oneself with God and comes to understand the Laws of God’s Creation, the Laws of Love, then they may willingly seek solutions and healing of this world and each individual within it.

This is a very crucial time. You sit upon the cusp of great change which brings great opportunity and great enlightenment provided humanity chooses this path towards light though their expression and journey towards such a path is of their own choosing and expression. We do not wish to set forth dogma, mental rules, and paradigms that are to be applied universally. No, this is not the way of free will. Each will be given the opportunity to choose and if they choose light, they will do so on their own accord and in their own way, but they must elicit the wisdom of their soul in order to do so. This gift of the soul, and the wisdom of the soul is given to every individual, yet very few understand its capabilities and blessings and power to bring deep insight. So many walk in ignorance and are asleep to their own potentials. The coming times will bring an awakening, will cajole humanity from its slumbers and will insist that each individual comes to the Truth of what is of light, what is important in their choices and desires that will bring light. 

So much awaits humanity. You are on the verge of a great revolution of thought and deed, of desire and of the soul. May each of you continue to prepare yourselves for this event or shall I say series of events that will help to awaken humanity, bit by bit to come to the Truth. We are all on a powerful trajectory. This great plan that God has initiated to bring this awakening, to bring the deep change that is needed in the world. May each of you consider the need for greater prayer, for greater awakening, for greater strength and love and light for it is up to you and up to all those who are beginning to awaken to enact their part in this great revolution that will bring light to the world.

Be attuned to God and be attuned to your own soul. Know yourself. Know yourself well and be in the flow of God’s Will and Light and Love and all will unfold in miraculous ways, in wondrous ways, in beautiful ways. There will be harmony, in time, great harmony and peace that will last and last . You will be the forerunners of a new world that will have in its existence, great Light and peace, Truth and Love. Your future generations will benefit from your efforts. When your time comes to be in spirit and you look back upon your efforts, your time here on Earth, and the choices you made, you may have great joy and acknowledgment of these efforts and choices for the benefit of humanity. 

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Josephus. I am happy to have come to give you this message in hope that it will clarify, encourage and inspire your efforts in the coming days, and weeks, months and years as the Earth changes and becomes what it is meant to be.

God bless you. I am Josephus. My love is with you. The love of the angels continues to surround you. The Love of God is available to you every moment. May you be blessed in this Grace. God bless you.