Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 6, 2020
Location:  Gibsons, BC

Blessed and beloved brothers and sisters, I come, I am Jesus. I come to affirm your desire and decision to follow the way of the Divine Love that leads to knowing the Will of God and serving the Will of God. Each of you within your souls have come to that decision. Each of you walks this Path Divine. You will be guided, beloved souls, and you are being guided. Though your minds may not know the subtleties of this guidance, you are still compelled to do the Will of God. A willingness to do so brings the manifestation of God’s Will into your lives.

Do not doubt yourselves, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters. Know that you are on this path and you shall be for all eternity. You walk with me and I walk with you upon this great journey of discovering the soul and coming to at-onement with God. The joy of this journey is beyond all joys and experiences of life and that there is a deeper, powerful upwelling of joy that comes from the soul when it recognizes the Truth, when it is in alignment with God. Follow that joy, beloved souls. Follow that sense of expansion, of knowing, of steadfastness and strength that comes with God’s Love being present within your soul.

This is not a complex matter of discernment and understanding laws and ideas of the mind. It is the reflexive response of the soul when it is in communion with God, receiving His Gift of Divine Love. Allow yourselves to feel and know, being in attunement with this experience, this Gift that God gives to each soul who desires it. In this faith builds, this knowing of the soul that emerges into your conscious self. So your journey is secured and your experiences will multiply in the reception of this gift of God’s Love.

In this you will know and come to understand who you are, and will use that understanding and the opening of the faculties of your soul to express your purpose in this life. As you express this purpose, your gifts, your true and authentic self in your lives, so the joy builds, so that sense of security, of faith, of knowledge, of love, becomes the center point of your existence. All else will follow from this, the securing of your soul to God and the awakening of your soul with His gift of Love.

May you continue on this journey, beloved souls. Know that I am with you and shall always be with you. My beloveds, know that you are loved, loved beyond measure, loved in the great flow of God’s Emanations, of His Essence, to your soul. You are His children and we are in the great joy of this knowledge and existence within the Truth of God and His Love. We are a part of this great Truth and share this together, communing together in the Light of God, the Breath of God, and the Love of God. May you come to truly know this. May it be the overwhelming knowledge of both mind and soul, affirming this Truth in all that you do, in all that you are. Beloved children of God, we walk together on this Path Divine. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you deeply in His Love.