Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 25, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C

I’m Jesus and I come to be with you in prayer. How God has opened many doors so that we may be together today in this prayerful communion, this gathering of souls, seeking the benediction of God’s Love upon them.  For each of you, beloved souls, many doors will be opened as you continue to walk in the world in faith, as you continue to seek the Father’s Love in prayer, as you continue to open yourselves to God’s Will.  So God will open many doors to allow for your spiritual education, growth, enlightenment, and service in the world, for with the gift of His Love these doors open readily, and many opportunities flow forth within your life. 

My prayer is that each of you will have the insight, the perception, the soul awareness to recognize these opportunities when they are presented before you, that you may focus your awareness upon what God may offer in the great bounty of blessings which He has to give to each one of you. God understands each one of you thoroughly and completely. God knows your needs. God knows the path that you will follow, that unique path which He has laid out for you.

So in your travels you will come to understand this. You will come to know that you and God are inextricably linked and are together upon this path as God infuses His Love in everything. That is your path and it is for you to welcome this gift, to open yourselves to it, to allow the awakening of your soul so that you may be more finely attuned to His gift of life and all that He has to bring into your life.  

When you walk the Path Divine, acknowledging of this Divine Gift of life, this beautiful outflowing of Love, the light that surrounds you, the angels that walk with you, all of these wondrous elements that are unfortunately all too rare upon your Earth but are given to you freely because you have come to be with God, to accept God into your lives, and to accept the Truth of His Love that awakens you so. May the peace that passes all understanding be a mantel upon you for every moment and breath of your life. May you continue to awaken, not just to those things that are so readily available to you upon the earthly plane, but to those higher things which beckons your soul forth, seeking to uplift, and to show you the way towards true enlightenment.  

So this journey we take together. Your path and my path and the path of many angels converged together as one great journey towards God and at-onement with all that is God. This comes with each step as you come closer and feel and know His Touch upon your souls.  

We come to encourage and acknowledge you and to love you, to envelop you with love, to give guidance where you may be receptive, to allow the great Will of God to flow through us, and in time, to flow through each of you unimpeded so that you may serve your brothers and sisters as channels of light. The great chain, the great links of love and light, continue to be forged so that we may bring to humanity the truth, unadorned by mindful concepts, but truly understood by the gentle wisdom of the soul. 

May you come to see this, know this, and be a part of this flow of light that is meant for your Earth and all who dwell within it so that all creatures may live in harmony, that the world may flourish in love, that all may come together singing the praises of God, knowing the wisdom of His creation, and expressing the true purpose in life which is the proliferation of the wonderment of God’s Creation and the awakening of each soul to the new life, the new birth, that comes with His Love.  

May God bless you on that journey, beloveds. I am your brother and friend. I come to you to encourage you, to speak to you of the things of the soul that you may come to know and understand and appreciate and embrace all of these things that God has placed within you, within your souls awaiting your acknowledgement and awaiting the awakening of God’s Touch of Love upon them.

God bless you, beloveds. I come to you once again, in prayer and words of encouragement and love. Know that I walk with you, that many hundreds of angels walk with each and every one of you upon this journey of love.

God bless you, I am with you, God bless you, beloved souls.