Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 21, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to you, my beloved sisters and brothers, I am Keea Atta Kem. I think you know what I am about to say for what do we guide you towards each and every day when you ask for guidance? It is first and foremost to be love, to express love in whatever you do. I know you have things that you must attend to, technical issues, things pertaining to the channels which you are using to establish your communication with others. Indeed, these things will be straightened out and applied accordingly.

But without the key ingredient of love, you are not offering anything of great value. Although fellowship is an important thing, this goes beyond fellowship. It is a brotherhood, a sisterhood that is bonded by the blessing of God’s Love.  And for those who come seeking for fellowship but do not realize or come to know this great truth, then they will be disappointed, for many gather and groups from around your world may offer a dazzling array of spiritual concepts and ideas, much of which has emerged from the imaginations of those individuals who seek to be acknowledged as spiritual leaders.

Those of you who are truly engaged in God’s work have about you a sense of humility, of grace, a quiet resolve and a loving demeanor that is not a common presentation in your world. For the minds of many have been trained to respond to that which is dynamic, that which bedazzles the mind and are disappointed when they do not see these cues and symbols and aspects of presentation that follow this formula. Yet for the true seeker, they will be inspired, and their souls will jump for joy when they come across a group of individuals who are quietly but resolutely speaking the truth that God is Love and that they are loved.

The simple truth may be presented in many ways through many of you, but it is important that you do not press upon another a need for them to comply with a certain set of ideas and rules around this endeavor, merely to present simply and effectively the message which God has spoken through you. He has done so through placing His Love within your souls and that, beloved souls, shines forth. In this way the message is given. The words spoken need not be so complex or infused with impressive words but the simplicity of love is the hallmark of God’s work and message on your earthly plane. Be attuned to this message and do not worry about who hears this message and who does not, merely to be consistent and humble and clear and loving. These things will be what sets you apart from many and these things are what will draw those souls who are earnestly seeking into your midst.

So I encourage you to continue in your efforts and not to be overly concerned about details. For in this simple message there is no need to set forth complicated structures and plans, merely the intention to do God’s Will and God’s work and in this way you will find your way. What comes out of your mouth will be beautiful, touching, and loving.

We will be with you, all of you, to continue to do this work. May you strive towards the highest. May you strive to be as clear a channel as you can be to allow God to work through you, His Love to flow, your words to speak truth and your embrace to be sincere and powerful. And all else will follow, beloved souls, all else will follow. God bless you, beloveds. I am Keea Atta Kem. I am happy to speak to you today, our beautiful friends on earth, whom we endeavor to support and uphold, to love and care for as we all look towards our Heavenly Father for His blessings of Love, His blessings upon us in all that we do. God bless you.