Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 15, 2020
Location: Gibson, BC

Beloved children, it gives we in the Celestial Kingdom great joy to see you gathered together in this way. I am your teacher Augustine. I wish to address a very major barrier to your relationship with God and conscious awareness of your relationship with God and your own soul. It is that which is within your mind, your thoughts, which you entertain each and every day, for your mind often becomes a great barrier to God since God asks you to communicate with Him through your soul, for He has given you the faculties in order to be able to do so within your soul.

On your Earth plane, so filled with the thought condition of humanity and your great focus upon the material world, so your thoughts gravitate towards these conditions that are firmly in place in your consciousness. When one prays, one must release or put aside these thought conditions in order to be conscious of the relationship between your soul and God. Yet, many of you struggle greatly with this shift of consciousness. Many of you feel victims of your own mindful barriers.

Indeed, there are many forces in the world and within yourself which make for these barriers and difficulties. In order to not allow your thoughts to interfere with your spiritual experiences and efforts, it is important that you discipline your thoughts, that you bring your thoughts to a higher state, that which is more of a spiritual nature before and after those times of prayer so that you will nourish the spiritual blessings and conditions that you have brought towards yourself in prayer,so that your souls may come into ascendancy over your minds.

This discipline requires that you are able to develop a mechanism by which you may clear your minds from these errant thoughts, or at the very least that you may elevate your thoughts to things that are of a spiritual nature, therefore encouraging a greater connection between your mind and your soul.

Many of you have struggled with these issues for years and have still not found the key to unlock the awareness of the soul, to be in that Grace of God in prayer in a palpable and conscious way. I do not say that because you are not aware you have not received, for this is not the truth. In fact, your soul has a life and mind of its own. It is your efforts to discover this, to allow this, to embrace this with your daily practice of prayer and spiritual contemplation that will bring the opening that you seek.

With every day you must practice putting aside your thoughts, clearing your mind, going into what is called meditation so that you may free yourselves of these conditions that often are contrary to the soul and to that which is spiritual. It is not that you entertain great error or darkness or thoughts that are contrary to love but these mundane material matters that are a part of each of your lives must not be given the precedence within your conscious selves when in prayer.

Indeed, it is difficult. It is a challenge. It is fraught with downfalls. But as you make a conscious effort to clear away such thoughts, to ask for assistance and  bring your soul to prayer with utterances and feelings of the soul, those deep authentic desires and expressions to God, so the inner energies, consciousness of the soul are directed in this way and open up channels of realisation and focus. In this experience of knowing one’s own soul in relationship to God, there is great joy. There is peace. There is a sense and understanding as the soul faculties open and grow towards a new reality, a new relationship, budding with the inflow of the Divine Love which opens and gives realisation to the soul and its ways and conscious expressions.

Nurturing the soul is what we teach always. Nurturing the soul with God’s Divine Love is the way to awaken the soul. As you continue to pray even when you feel as if there is nothing obvious that is happening, you must have faith, beloved souls, that indeed the soul is activated in prayer. The prayers which are spoken and felt go to God. As you practice over and over again the way of prayer, which is an art and a science to be developed in each one of you, then this conscious experience will come. You will come to know many things. You will come to visualise and understand and realise the many Truths of God that bubble forth from your soul.

So as you pray, have faith that all will flood into you in a way that you will know and come to acknowledge with the faculties of both your soul and your mind in harmony with one another and awakened together in love. For some, this has been a somewhat easy journey, for you are gifted and have an inclination towards soulful consciousness. For others, it is a difficult and arduous journey as your minds are strong and take precedence over the consciousness of the soul.

Each of you will come to that place of awareness in time as you continue to apply yourselves in prayer receiving this great gift of the Divine Love. So you will come to know your soul and you will come to know God. Nothing will be withheld from you, beloved souls. I know you live in a difficult place, an earthly condition, the human condition that continues to bedevil you and distract you and challenge you. Yet God has sent His angels to assist you. Be aware of this and ask for help when needed. Ask to be lifted up, to be raised up in light. Ask to know your true selves. Ask for your soul to be awakened with God’s great Divine Love. All will come in onrushes and beautiful flowings of Love towards you for God’s great wish is that all will be uplifted, every soul. Every soul will come to light and every soul will come to His Love.

It is the asking that opens the door. It is the desire that will bring the fulfillment. It is not self-deprecation and frustration that will assist you in these challenging things. It is learning how to love one’s self, to accept the timing of the journey of soul awakening that you are all upon. Each journey is unique and each individual is unique in their journey. Acknowledge and accept each unique individual upon their own journey and way and approaches to God. It is for them to establish this personal relationship. It is for them to understand their own true selves. It is for them to choose the path that they wish to choose.

For each of you it is for you to love your brothers and sisters and encourage them upon the way towards light and joy and awakening. Together you are strong and together you support one another in love. Together you make a great light that travels out into the world, both the physical and the spiritual and help many souls in their own progress towards light.

May God bless you upon that journey and know that you are truly loved, that each of you has the capacity to know your own soul and the wonders of your soul. This will come as days progress into weeks and months and years. It will come, opening slowly but opening nonetheless.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I come to reassure you that you are on the right path, that you have not taken turns away from God but have faced God in joy and acknowledgment and love. You are loved. God bless you, beloved souls, loved indeed by God. God bless you.