Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 21, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. Yes, you are all challenged by the conditions of your world. It is a struggle often to be in the light, to be in a state of purity, to not have judgments, to not have fear, to be in the flow of God’s Love and Touch so that you may be free of these conditions, these emotions, these thoughts that bedevil mankind. Your efforts do not go unrewarded for in your prayers, in your efforts to be close to God, in your efforts to change your patterns of thought that are negative and your emotions that are difficult and dark, God has responded and blessed you.

You have found the antidote to all darkness and that is the gift of the Father’s Love awakening your souls. You come upon the path that will at times create difficulties for you, but remember that every challenge brings a blessing. That blessing may be in a choice for light. That blessing may be that you release a judgment or a condition of darkness. That blessing may be that you may be used as a channel of light and healing and resolution in a certain situation.

Every moment can be a blessing, beloved souls. It is a matter of being open and receptive to the flow of God’s Will, God Touch upon you, God’s desire to use you as a channel of light. So, in this way, much healing and light may be present within a difficult situation. As we have told you many times now, that there are difficulties that will invariably come to each one of you, challenges that will be powerful and difficult. Yet, we have shown you the way that will lessen your burdens, lessen your angst, your worry, your pain.

You are well aware of what resources are available to which one of you. Each of you have dedicated your lives to prayer, to the upliftment of your souls, to the awakening of your souls. So, though you may walk a challenging path as does each individual upon your Earth, you have found the high road, the road that leads not to deprivation or anger or frustration but to greater joy, to great awakening, to higher learning and knowledge, to all things of the soul yearning to be awake and in alignment with God.

So, it will be no matter what the circumstance and situation you may find yourselves in. If you but choose light, if you but utilize the strength of your own faith, the understanding of your own mind and soul, that you bring forth prayer in your moment of difficulty and open yourselves to all that God has to give, then that darkness, that difficulty, that challenge will be turned to light and harmony and love.

Yes, the detachment of which you spoke of will come in this way. Not a detachment where care does not exist but the detachment where fear does not exist and truth is evident in your actions and your thoughts, that love permeates your being and your expression.

So, we guide you upon a path that strengthens these aspects of your soul, this light that continues to build within you bringing to you a clear choice so that you are not confused nor are you in a state of distress but one of strength and peace and light. As you continue on this path, so you will find your way, so you will find peace, so fear will dissipate and be transformed into joy.

Know that we are with you upon this path. Every moment we are with you beloveds, an angel by your side, God’s Hand upon you. So much given. Such beautiful blessings poured upon you. Allow your souls to inform your minds of these blessings, that you will know God as a permanent fixture of your consciousness, a constant flow of blessings towards you, the power to resolve any darkness or issue that you may encounter. So it will come with the fervency of your prayers and the dedication of your minds and souls to the Truth of God’s Love, God’s Presence, God’s blessings.

May you indeed find these blessings with every breath and come to be with God in every moment. May His Grace be your truth and reality that you may be a channel of love for others, a light in the world. God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. My love is with you. God bless you. God bless you.