Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 21, 2020
Location: Gibson, BC

God bless you beloved souls, I am Joseph, the father of Jesus. In many ways I feel as if I am the father for all of you, that I carry you all in my prayers, that I am with you all in my heart, that indeed, each of us in the Celestial Spheres continue to nurture you in the ways of the Father’s Love and Light and Truth. So we consider you as our charges, our children who are in need and desire for the Truth, for the blessings of God’s Love, for the Light of God’s Touch, for the healing and peace and comfort that comes from the Source of all.

For those of you who are fathers, brothers, children that continue to find your way in the world, to continue to utilize the gifts that God has given to you, to be the men that God has provided an opportunity to be, may you firstly live in your hearts, to be able to express love, to be gentle in your nature yet strong in your resolve, to be a force for light and love and harmony in the world. There is such a need for leadership, for strength, for the resolute nature that comes with the masculine persona that is strong, that is focused. Yet for all of us, men and women, we must come to God in humility to be in harmony with God’s Will and to be true to ourselves, these true natures that God has bestowed upon us and our own unique soul, that which is the eternal self redeemed by God in His Love.

These characteristics of the masculine nature begin to fade as one progresses through the spheres of spirit and comes more into harmony with each soul that they inhabit within  these spheres, and with the nature of God and His Great Soul. Yes in time, this masculine delineation fades greatly as all souls begin to merge together in a harmony, an equanimity, a balance and in love. And this beautiful dawning of the soul redeemed in Love, allows for all to be in communion together in this Light and Love of God.

In your material world, conditions are so much different, and in the ways of the world and in the ways that God has created the harmony and balance of life, when this masculine nature is a blessing, provided it is in harmony with God’s Laws, and may all the men come to appreciate and honor who they are, the gifts that God has given to them. May you come to know your own souls, for this is often a struggle for men, to know the feeling nature within, to be in harmony with these softer parts of their nature. And yet, with the example of the women around you, is this not easier as their love and gentleness envelop you and acknowledge you, and in turn you acknowledge those who are with you in love. This is harmony. This is balance. This is the beauty of God’s Creation where all souls may acknowledge one another for their unique nature and who they are as personalities in your world and do so, no matter race or culture, ideas or religions, and to give the acknowledgment of love and appreciation for each unique soul upon your world. This would go a long way to dissolving the differences, the frictions, the pain and the disharmony that is so rife within your world, seeing each soul in its unique and beautiful expression,  acknowledging  God’s Creation as beautiful and wondrous and worthy of love, not only from God but from you. That you may love those who are your brothers and your sisters, that you may walk in the world as a fountain of love, a channel of love in the world.

When you feel the joy, the blessing and the Touch of God’s Love within your soul, igniting the perceptions and awareness of the beauty of God’s Creation, is it not easy for you to express this love wholeheartedly, with great feeling, with great expression, in all ways and means that acknowledge your brothers and sisters and uplift them? May you each go forward as God’s great channels of Love. May you each see the world from this perspective.

You were given a great gift, the gift of life. Each of you participates in this creative venture of life and adds your own expression and beauty to all that is in the world. Do so with joy. Do so with a desire to be in the Light, to express Light, to be in harmony with all that God has created. In this way, the world may be changed, may be healed and uplifted, so that you may participate in this great plan of God’s to heal your world and bring greater Light and harmony to it. So you may hear the clarion call that God has for each one of you to step forward in Light, to recognize the potentials of your own soul ignited by His Love, that you take advantage of each day in prayer, in discovering more of the deeper layers of yourselves and expressing these things through the Will of God manifest in your lives.

There is so much that each of you can do to better this world. Your prayers are important, your thoughts are powerful, your intentions, your desires, and most importantly, your expressions in life add to or detract from the condition of your world, the light or darkness of your world. Choose Light,  always in your thoughts and deeds, in your prayers and intentions. Choose Light, choose to be in harmony with God, choose to be in harmony with your own soul. For, God continues to communicate to you through your soul and will guide you thusly through your life. Walk with your head held high, with your hearts aglow with love, with each action and expression a reflection of the Light within and the Will of God whispering to your soul as you navigate your life.

May God bless you upon this journey of life, beloved souls. May all my brothers recognise how they are loved by God and how they may love all those they meet. Through this beautiful flow of God’s Love through them and all my sisters, such beautiful souls, lights in the world, may you all find your way through those trials and tribulations that are of life, that they may fall away and that there may be a clear and guided path for your beautiful gifts and light and love to be expressed fully and beautifully in the world. You are all gifts to the world, beloved souls. God created beautiful souls. May you discover all that that lies within you and express what is your unique and beautiful self. God bless you beloved souls, I am Joseph, the father Jesus. My love is with you. God bless you.