Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 19, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Bless you my beloved friends, I am Orion. You are all facing challenges in your life, a reflection of the human condition and the Earthy conditions. This will unfortunately not cease but will intensify as the conditions of your Earth continue to darken. Yet, I would say that if you looked back upon how you were able to cope with these conditions in the past and see how you are managing now, that this is a reflection of growth, strength and faith as you have grown within your souls a certain strength, solidity of light that has ensured that your capacity to deal with whatever situation is in your purview, that you do so with grace, with peace, with joy.

As these conditions confront you, often the duality of your soul and your mind come to the fore. For when you are dealing with situations that are uncomfortable and challenging, your mind reacts with fear, judgment, and concern. Yet, your souls are at peace and are much more able to discern the solutions and the responses that are of light. As you have continued to grow in love the power of these two conditions have changed. For there is a greater weighting of the soul’s conscious reactions and perceptions to those things than there was in the past. You find yourselves reacting immediately with your material mind in judgment and concern, and yet  the pendulum swings toward that place of peace and wisdom which is your soul. Your perspective is changing, and these small crises in your lives are not as acute and do not have such a pull and import to your lives as they once did. Do you not feel joy more readily these days? Are you not in greater alignment with God these days?

 As the tumult of the world continues to be all around you, and for some of you causing direct distress, are you not able to rely upon the steadiness of God’s hand in your life?

As conditions worsen, so the reliance on God will strengthen and will manifest more readily. This is God’s promise to you. As your soul is awakened further in love, as your consciousness shifts from that of the material to that of the spiritual and the soul, then it is inevitable that you will find your way to those places of refuge within yourself that will bring comfort and wisdom, light and love. Why else do you pursue these things, beloved friends? For if they cannot act as your bolstering force of light and comfort in your life, then one would wonder where the motivation lies. Yet, the power of God’s Touch to comfort and to uphold is great and you feel this. 

The difficult conditions on the Earthly plane are a double-edged sword. You feel the pain of them and their expression, yet, you also have the opportunity to find relief and blessings with God more powerfully since your need is more acute. As you continue to exercise the truth in your lives and you continue to be in greater alignment with God, so those around you who are also experiencing these difficult and dark conditions will take note of how you are a rock of peace and light, of wisdom and love, and that through you the comfort of God may be expressed in love. 

We have told you that these conditions will intensify. We have been telling you for many years. So, these things have come to pass in various corners of the world. Each of you will find that these conditions will touch your lives in a personal way at some point. So, I urge you to prepare yourselves in prayer, always to continue to strengthen yourself in love and light in God’s Touch. For the time is now, beloved friends as you see the worsening conditions of the world. Yet, there is much more that will manifest. It is unfortunate that this cleansing must be so intense and traumatic. Because of the choices that mankind has made, because of the conditions that you have all created in the world, the responses are equally as intense. 

Your beloved world is trying to save herself from what might be considered the blight of humanity. For her experience of humanity is a double-edged sword. You can be the nurturers, those of you who are stewards of the world, but you can also be that destructive force, that force that is uncaring and unloving and selfish, unable to reconcile the truth with the needs of the individual that are great and out of balance with the natural order. Times continue to escalate as a result of this. Your weather conditions continue to be erratic, unpredictable, and destructive. 

God is pouring His loving energies upon the Earth, and humanity ironically continues to strengthen its position as a destructive force upon your Earth. So, the battle continues, the battle of light and darkness, the battle of truth and error, the battle of destruction and creation. It shall play out for many years to come. Thus, we continue to assist you in your preparations of strengthening and lightening within the world, helping you to detach yourself from the human condition and reinforcing your commitment to the Divine.

There is no other way to deal with these conditions that will bring peace and harmony. The minds of men cannot find the solutions that are required even though in their observations they see readily the effects and outcomes of human endeavour. Yet, they  are compelled to continue in the patterns and habits and ways that reflect this human endeavour, caught up in the momentum of a great force of will that is humanity and  continues to exert itself upon the world, some in ways of light, but much in ways of darkness. 

Each of you, in your own way contribute, though you do so unwillingly. Yet, you are a part of the human condition as well. We would not judge you for this for you are, in some ways innocent, and in some ways caught up in your cultures and societies and momentum of human endeavour that is powerful. You attempt to neutralise this with prayer, desire for light, your actions and thoughts reflecting love. This is all that we can ask of you, beloved souls. For the forces that are in play in your world at this time are far greater than anything you could imagine or anything that you could neutralise by yourselves, even collectively. 

Yet indeed, as you continue to assist God in the way of neutralising the darkness through prayer, through gaining light within yourselves, becoming a greater channel of love, then you do your part. You have your place within God’s plan for the salvation of humanity.  That plan will be surprising in scope and expression. You cannot imagine what is coming and what will manifest. It is for you to walk in the world each day in faith, in effort to be in greater alignment with God, greater alignment with all that is of love and light and truth. And so you do, my beloved friends, so you do. 

You will find yourselves in circumstances unexpected, surprising and, at times, delightful, other times challenging. You are far more capable of creating and choosing light than you can imagine. Your souls are bright and resplendent with this Love of God, this transformative blessing. Within your souls is great wisdom and great capacity to bring wisdom into your consciousness and bring truth, solutions, capacities to serve and be a channel of light. You are beginning to trust your soul, to understand your soul, to release those well-worn patterns and conditions of the mind that have held you for so long in a place that is not altogether dark, but not altogether light. 

You grow strong, my beloved friends, in an environment and situation that requires strength. In time you will overcome all obstacles andl find your way as instruments, powerful, beautiful, and sublime in your capacities to be God’s channels in the world, channels of light, channels of truth, channels of comfort and healing to many. This will unfold in wondrous ways. Do you not feel it in your hearts, in your souls, the strengthening, the growing, the expansion of your soul in love? You will continue to discover your own true self, you will continue to discover God within this process of cleansing and growing, transforming and strengthening. These things come as you pray, as you express the desires of your soul, as you are in the light more fully.

May God bless you on your journey, beloved friends. We are with you, as you know, many bright spirits, angels, stellar friends continue to surround you, creating a buffer between the worst of these destructive forces and yourself. You remain in the light and the protection of God’s hand upon you. You are truly blessed, beloveds, truly loved, truly cared for. So, it shall be in greater portion as you walk upon this path of light and love. It will be given freely, abundantly, unreservedly, it will be given always. 

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Orion. My love for you is great, my compassion for your struggles. Yet, I see the resilience, the strength of a human upon a difficult planet that is rebelling against its own creation, its own peoples. What a dilemma you face, and yet, you do so with great strength and faith and acceptance. God bless you. God bless you all. I love you.