Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 23, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved children, God’s cloak surrounds you, His Light pours upon you, His Living Waters are put to your lips. May you drink, beloved souls, drink steadily and with great gusto. For, these Living Waters are the blessings that shall form your destiny. It shall bring you upon the path that God has designated for each one of you, to be in alignment with God’s Will, to serve God in love, to be a clear channel for His Love. 

I am Luke and I come to you to pray with you and to be with you as you consider your souls; what truly is your soul, beloved, beautiful, individual creations of God. Each soul carries a unique creation that is your individuality. Each soul has many elements, aspects, layers, chambers within that are arranged in exquisite ways, in unique patterns that are a part of your individual self. The capacities for perception, for soul awareness, for truly seeing beyond the veil of your material world are varied and complex within each individual. But within each soul are many faculties that will bring you to God, to understand and know God, to be truly in alignment with God, to sense His Presence, His Love, His great care for each one of you. 

The capacity to see beyond these things of the material world, is present within each one of you, yet your vision will be unique. Your capacity to see clearly will have aspects to it to allow you to see things that others may not and will allow you to understand and visualize the Truth of God in ways that are somewhat unique to you. So much may come to you in ways and patterns and timing. In opening of various doors and avenues of perception that your journey to God will be unique, will be your own, and will be beautifully orchestrated by the Hand of God, provided you continue to desire this and open yourselves to that deep part of you that is your soul, to all that can be, all that is unique to you. So you will come closer to God as you receive this great Elixer of the soul, His Love that awakens this beautiful, complex part of your being that is your soul.

 This journey will be an eternal awakening where all those aspects within you come alive in greater measure and are developed in greater capacities and complexities that at this time you would not have the ability to understand or recognize. Yet, the exciting adventure that you are upon in awakening your soul will never end and will bring evermore experiences, perceptions, truth, capacities to love, expanding your precious gifts and selves out into the universe. In this way, you may touch many souls. 

In this way, God will guide you to work for Him in many ways. You will see as you continue to progress, how wondrous is your soul and how truly gifted you are with a soul.

May you find all the treasures that lay within your soul, my beloved friends. May you come to know the great jewels that are within you, those gifts, those abilities that are so magnificent and awesome in their ways of expression and manifestation. You will come to know these things, my friends and glean great joy in the awakening of your souls. May the Father continue to bless you deeply, clearing away all that may obstruct this flowering of your soul, the unfolding of this beautiful creature that is uniquely you. 

May God bless you, beloveds, I am Luke, and I am happy to speak to you today. May God bless you and keep your close to His great and wondrous Soul. My love for you is great. God bless you.