Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 15, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

My friends, I am Seretta Kem. I wish to tell you about the work that you have accomplished together. You have opened many portals of light into this world through your prayers. You have opened yourself to God in a large and expansive way so that you have become a light, a greater light, a light that is needed in your world. We have worked a great deal to open gifts and capacities of perception, so that in times to come you will be used as instruments that are well prepared, that are of light and who have crossed the threshold. 

The time comes when you will know what has changed within you. You will see the value and the blessings that have been given to each of you. I know it is difficult for mortals to see beyond the veil of the flesh, to see from our side of life all the intricate details, movements and blessings that have been accomplished amongst you. I come to assure you that much has been given and much has been accomplished. Not only here upon the Earthly plane, but in planes close to the Earth, as much work has been done to help open the light and the blessings to many who are in need and who inhabit the darker planes. Blessings have gone out into the world. Light has gone out into the world. But most importantly, together we have begun something that is of great service to humanity and to God.

Each of you have made your efforts to come together here in eager anticipation. Some of you have had the blessing of deep insight as to what has unfolded amongst you. Some of you have felt deeply things, things of the soul, things of God. Yet, some of you have not felt as much as you would like, or you anticipated. I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, we have brought great light to the Earth, and to the dark spheres of spirit. Thus we are very pleased, very pleased indeed, as to what has been accomplished, and we give you our gratitude. We salute each one of you in your efforts, in your dedications, in your willingness to come together in this way.

There will be changes within each one of you, beloved souls. Changes of heart, changes of perception, changes that open the doors to deeper compassion and love in your being. It will take some time to integrate all of the blessings that have been given, but it will indeed manifest in many ways through you in your lives. You will see that the work that you have done together has brought about many rewards and blessings to you. For when you do God’s work, when you walk the path of service and love, then you are rewarded as greatly as anyone else. You are given great blessings and great opportunities for blessings.

Yes, this is the beginning of change, of a shift within you that will bring about great change. This change is necessary. For as the world changes, so you must change and be in harmony with what God has intended, His great plan for the salvation of humanity. And thus He has enlisted each of you, each of you, with your multitude of gifts, capacities to love, beautiful lights, souls shining bright in the Love of God, to move forward, to step beyond the human condition and all that this entails, into the light and glory of God’s universe and God’s reality.

As you return home, I wish to encourage you to consider what has happened together in this Circle of Light. How the blessings, messages, the gifts may change you and bring about a higher capacity to love, to be in alignment with God, to be a channel of love for God. For you are given the opportunity to sustain this light that has been given to you. You may choose not to sustain it, to nurture it. The embers are glowing within you, and they need your attention, your focus, so that you may truly be a brighter light, a beautiful light in the world. 

So you have made dedications here together, you have made great effort to come together. Now we ask you to make great effort as you disperse so that you may become that light that God has blessed and encouraged within you. Do not allow the light to be covered. Allow it to shine. Allow yourselves the freedom, the joy of Love Divine glowing within you and all that comes with this gift. For you have been greatly blessed, beloved souls. You will know this, I promise you, you will know how greatly blessed you have been, and how God’s blessings continue to flow upon you, within you.

Your life will change in accordance to the gift and blessings of God upon you, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters. Allow yourself to release all that which holds you back from a life of service, a life dedicated to God, a life dedicated to your brothers and sisters, a life that is filled with light and all that is of love. For this is the answer. This is what will change your world. This is the healing that will come when each soul walks upon the Earth with the intention to be in alignment with God, to be a true channel of love, to be a light that glows within their soul, to allow this light to expand and be expressed in your world.

So, we have made great effort together to help expand the light within you, around you and within the world. May this light grow and expand. May there be a powerful impact upon your world that will change humanity, change their attitudes, change their perspective. You must be that agent of change, my beloved brothers and sisters. You must be the light. Do not allow it to diminish, but nurture the flames that they may grow, that you may prosper in light and truly be God’s instruments upon the world. 

God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. I thank you for your efforts. I thank you for your light. I thank you for all that you do that is of light. You are precious souls and you have been blessed, greatly blessed in this life. My love is with you. Indeed, all the angels in Heaven, all the bright spirits, all your friends of light have great gratitude for your efforts upon the Earthly plane. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.