Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 04, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, beloved students. It is your teacher, Augustine. May the blessing of God’s Essence infill your soul. May you come to ask fervently for this gift. May the doors open to the awakenings of your soul that it may be a conscious aspect of yourselves that lives in this material world of yours, not just that which is hidden within you, not that which you are reluctant to bring forward in your life. Rather, may it be your soul awakening, a vital and expressed part of your being, that you may walk in the world as a light, as a beloved child of God and as such, a channel of His light and love. As you are in the world, so may you be His active instrument, His agent of love. 

My beloved students, the time is now for you to express the light within you, to do so fully and unabashedly in the world. So that the world may know who you are, a beautiful being, a soul that has found a truth so valuable, so powerful, so wondrous, so important that you wish to express this to all those you meet. Yes, there will be times when you find rejection. Some will be embarrassed for you. Some will be angry with you. Some will be confused. But indeed, as you encounter many souls upon your journey of life, there will be those who resonate, who understand, who are drawn to you and in this, you will have done God a great service and done a great service to whomever you have encountered in this way. For you have helped to connect another soul with God in a conscious way. That they may understand the ways and means of being close to God, truly in the light and love of God. Is this not worth the trials and tribulations of others’ reactions and judgments? Is this not worth your dedication and outward expression to the truth? 

I do not suggest that you proselytize wherever you go, but rather to express light and joy, to be that instrument, that channel of love and you will be guided, my friends. You will be guided and express yourselves in such beautiful and elegant ways that few will react in a negative form. Rather, many will be intrigued, will be curious, will wonder, “How is it that this soul, this individual is so happy and so bright?” And, for those who are bright and radiate the love of God, is this not a form of charisma that many are drawn towards? Are you not truly being God’s instruments? And yes, your interaction may be very simple, even without words. But nonetheless, the expression of this light, the power of this light, the truth of this love will be communicated to the soul, your soul to their soul. Your soul is God’s intermediary of truth to their soul. Do not inhibit this flow, my beloved friends. Do not think that you are impeding upon another by being in this condition of light. Rather, you are doing God’s work and you shall do God’s work in this way. 

Have faith, my beloved and beautiful students. Have faith in the will of God, the actions of God, the flow of God’s love and you will find yourself being carried by this river of love. You will find yourselves knowing the will of God. You will find yourself in the joy and harmony of this great light as the angels surround you as you allow and accept and embrace all that this entails. This truth that brings many other truths, this blessing that brings many other blessings. I encourage you, my students, to walk in the way of God’s love, to proclaim this love in all the creative and wondrous ways that you are able, to be a channel of this love wherever and to whomever you meet, to be true to God’s will with every breath. In this way, your life will not only be fulfilling but will bring great intrigue and wonderment to it as God guides you along a path that is often unexpected and unimagined. That path of human endeavour is predictable. Many of you have followed that path. Many of you have experienced the outcomes, both positive and negative. Now it is time to have faith in God’s path, that road that He has set before you so that you may indeed, discover the wonders, the blessings, the surprises that will come as you are in tune and in alignment with the will of God. 

Be with your Creator. Seek for the inflowing of His love in great abundance. Know that yearning of the soul and acknowledge it in prayer. Feel that heartfelt part of you that longs to be at one with God and in this, the doors will surely open and the path will be clear and beautiful. 

God bless you, my beloved students. Your teacher Augustine continues to be by your side to help you understand, to experience, and  express the depths and breadth of this great gift of love that is offered and you have received. May you continue to be blessed and know the peace that passes all understanding. May you continue to be in the light and be that channel, that instrument for our beloved Creator that you were meant to be. God bless you. My love is with you all. God bless you