Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 13, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May the blessing of His Love flow into your souls. I am your teacher, Augustine. I come to elaborate a little further as to how we may utilize each one of you as channels of light in the world. When you come together as you do in this way, so many of you have come to unite in prayer. So you add a great light and great intention to bring blessings to your loved ones, to the world. God utilizes each of you in accordance to your light, your desires and your intentions. Yes, you are all upon this path, this journey of awakening, of light, of harmony and alignment with God, and in accordance to this alignment and this light within you, so you are able to be a powerful part of this circuitry, this lattice of light that continues to spread out over the world.

In order to utilize you fully, we lift you up, as each has an angel by their side and so together we meet in a sort of stratosphere of light that is beyond this earth plane and some of you feel this upliftment. Some of you feel the difference in the atmosphere around you, and it is good that you do so. To come to recognize that you are part of something that is in motion, that has power and effects in the world. It allows you to see more clearly what you are doing together and how you are being utilized by God to increase the power of light in the world. We lift you up into this atmosphere of love and light and connect you all together in this atmosphere. In this way, we create a temporary condition where you are all connected together, soul to soul, and in this connection we pray together.  We are a part of one another in a unity and strength of intention and prayer, the desires our soul seeking to be used by God to bring blessings to the earth.

This is a fundamental aspect of what you do together, beloved souls. Whether you are aware or not, it matters not. But I say to you, as you gather in numbers so the strength and power of the blessings that may come through you all to the world is great. You are indeed helping to fulfill your prayer to save the world, to uplift the world in light, to bring blessings to many. Seek from your hearts, beloved and beautiful souls, the great desire within you to be with God and indeed, God will answer your prayers. Indeed, God will utilize your beautiful souls as transmitters of light to the world.

So, a part of you opens and is receptive to this cause, of God’s desire and Will to awaken humanity. So you join us all, in this great effort to do so and you add a vital component to this effort. Do not underestimate these efforts and your dedications in prayer for they are needed and vital in your world. You add something to the flow of these blessings that makes it more powerful and real to those who receive this material component. This material life which you are all a part of, has its own power and its own way of reaching out to many. Know this, beloved souls, know this. Even though you may not be aware, know that each and every one of you is being utilized as a channel of light in the world. And this is determined by your own light and your own dedications in prayer, your efforts to clear away the darkness from yourself and to be in the light and alignment with God.

May you continue to receive in prayer, the great blessing of His Love. Awaken to this blessing, beloved souls. And those things that I speak of today, you will see for yourself and understand more completely the that efforts you are making, the power of your efforts, the blessings of your efforts, that Love continues to flow in many ways and means for the blessings of humanity, the upliftment of your world. May God bless you, beloved souls, I am your teacher, Augustine. My love is with you. God bless you.