Spirit: Lotus Blossom
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 20, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

To my beloveds, oh we are having a wonderful time listening to your conversation. We find joy in your discoveries, your attempts to understand the deeper Truth of the Father’s Love and the deep Truths of every soul that walks this Earth and in spirit.

The soul is always yearning to be released from the darkness. Every soul yearns for this. How they come to this feeling, this release is the dependent upon their overt decisions, their mindful ideas and choices. The soul is the seat of the emotions, is it not? The soul, when given love, whether it be natural love or Divine Love, will stir with this Love and respond accordingly. Emotions will well up within the individual.

Now, for some whose minds are very much in control of their emotions, this welling up is repressed and stuffed back into its place within the soul. For those who are willing and open and understand their own feelings and allow them to manifest, these emotions come to the surface and may be expressed. They may come with great intensity, responding to a sense of sorrow or something within their minds and experience that is expressed and is difficult to acknowledge. When it comes forth in this way, it does not mean that the Divine Love has awakened or pushed these things out. Not necessarily, my beloved souls, for the human being has many aspects to it and many emotional expressions and faculties.

Our beloved brother is somewhat confused with this idea that the cleansing of the soul on the natural path is strictly determined by the mind and the control of the mind. This is not the case, for every soul has feelings, do they not? Every mind has a consciousness, does it not? So in this interplay between the feelings of the soul and the feelings of the mind combining with the intellectual ideas of the mind coming together in various ways. When any individual takes upon themselves a spiritual course of action, a way to grow spiritually, they will encounter obstructions upon that road. Those obstructions may be around the soul, may be buried within even the physicality of the body and the spirit body and of the mind.

So these things exist within yourselves in many different forms and can be awakened in many different ways. As the dear daughter suggests, being a healer, bringing forth the healing energies from one soul to another, from one body to another, then many responses take place. Feelings and thoughts, recollections, memories, and blockages that are derived from internal energy and inhibitions can be awakened and loosened in a variety of ways.

So these things come forth into the mind, into consciousness. The primary difference between the expiation of a soul that has been blessed with a certain amount of Divine Love compared to a soul that is seeking merely the purification of all things that are not in alignment with natural love, is that the power of the transformative energies of Divine Love may create a reaction that is intense and quick in its expulsion. That all the details and elements of these negative conditions within may not be consciously realised. For rather than requiring the mind to be aware of all the details, all the elements of these conditions that every soul carries in the world and needs to release, this release may come spontaneously and even at times without any conscious recollection.

So in this healing of the soul, some things will be released organically and spontaneously and without true consciousness of what it may be. While other things come in all its intense detail, its vividness of emotion, of vision, of thought. Indeed, these things too flow forth from the individual in the process of expiation and can be very painful indeed. But in this process, this release, it is a permanent healing, a release of something that has often been part of that individual for many, many years and has been firmly lodged within that individual.

The power of Divine Love dislodges these heavy materials within you and is released through prayer and through the willingness of your conscious self to let this go. In the case of those who travel a natural path, this conscious releasing of negative conditions within is necessary and requires the concerted effort of the individual to acknowledge these elements and to choose to let it be released.

Yes, for many, it is a journey that is a detailed and very intense process that requires much contemplation and desire for this release. Many in the spirit world are engaged in these activities, putting much effort into their own spiritual progress and light that must come with this concerted effort to consciously acquire forgiveness and to resolve issues that are complex, rife with emotions and thoughts. So it is a longer process, one that requires much time and effort when one travels the way of natural love. But what reassures many mortals in spirit is that they are in control of this process. They may choose to do so.

With those upon the Divine path, often these experiences and releases come unbidden and are intense and surprising. So it is a matter of faith rather than choice that these things come. It is trusting in the power of God’s Love that allows these things to come forth. It is your own faith in your strength and love for yourself and the power of Love within your soul that allows you to step forward into these conditions releasing that which must be released, that which is not in harmony with God’s Love and with the Love within your soul.

You are blessed, beloved souls, with a conscious awareness and understanding of the process of expiation. When this comes, it is my hope that you welcome it, that you know that you know that this is another marker upon your path, that you are beginning to grow in Light, to release that which is not of Light, to be free from those conditions that are of pain and darkness which all upon this world carry.

In your experience of releasing these things, does this not give you great compassion for those who are burdened with such things and also insight? Beloved souls, it is a great blessing that God has given you to know consciously the way in which the Divine Love works upon your soul and heals your soul. You have prayed for this healing, this reclamation of your soul in Love. So it will come, bit by bit.

These encrustations around your soul cannot reside with the Light within your soul. The Light within your soul begins to burn away these encrustations. As they are released from your soul, they come into your consciousness, fluttering through your being. With it, often comes the emotions and recollection of these experiences and conditions. So your mind may indeed continue to cling on to the memory of these things, but truly within your soul there has been forgiveness, release, enlightenment, and joy. This you must acknowledge, so that in your own way you may release whatever fear or resentment, anger and grief that comes with this condition.

For those upon the natural love path, this is where they begin the journey. For you on the Divine Love path, this is where you end in that particular process and journey. First comes the awakening of the soul pushing these conditions from you, insisting that they must be released. Then it is for you to accept that release, to acknowledge it in some way, provided this is what is necessary. And then, to forgive, to forget, to let go, to be content and at peace with these conditions.

You will find as you progress along life’s path that those hurts of childhood, when you review them within your mind, often do not have the power to re-ignite these emotions. They are, in a way, forgotten. The power of those feelings have been released. You are free to the extent that you are willing to release within your mind the memory and to let go of those conditions, to truly forget and to forgive.

I hope, my beloved and beautiful charges, that my explanation helps you in understanding and recognizing the differences between these two processes so vital and important for spiritual progress. On the Divine Path, one begins with the soul. On the natural path, one often begins with the mind. But still the soul is always affected and will gain a measure of healing no matter which path is taken. You will find that many prefer the path that gives to them a sense of security and control of the situation. Where you, beloved souls, have faith that God is guiding you through. So it is different. Yet, each brings its own healing and place of reconciliation.

Thank you, beloved souls, for listening to me today. I love you dearly. All of you are dear to my heart. I am with you often. I often come to help to support, to heal, to engage in your continued progress towards Light. May God bless you, beloveds. May God bless you dearly. I am Lotus Blossom and I love you. God bless you.