Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 25, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. Indeed, may your souls open wide to this great gift of God’s Love, awakening the many chambers within, bringing insight and truth, joy and love to your lives. Every soul in your world hungers for this to some degree or another. Every soul in your world feels alone because they have not truly discovered their own potentials and the possibilities of being with God. Even your souls, beloveds, which are not wholly transformed by the Father’s Love, feel this sense of lacking and this motivates you to desire to receive more of this Gift. This motivates you to reach for God. Until the great transformation of your soul is complete, so this longing will continue. As you are more attuned to your own soul, this longing will intensify. You will seek the completion, the healing of your soul as it forges a relationship with the Great Soul of God.

Heed the longings of your souls. You have come to a place together to answer this call, to be blessed by God, to receive this Great Gift that indeed opens the doors and forges the connection with your Heavenly Father. Long intensely, beloveds. Long with an ache within for this great healing gift, this gift of Love to change all that is within you, recreating and reopening a true understanding of God. You will come to that place, given your efforts and prayers, and you will come to know your true selves with this effort. You will see beyond the superficial and the distractions of the mind to that deeper place of understanding and knowing that is your soul. Within your soul are faculties and qualities that will allow you the deeper insights and knowings that are beyond the understandings of humanity which utilizes the mind to dissect and to come to conclusions about the reality of God and God’s Creation. This is a different way. This is a way of knowing that does not require such intricate exploration of truth.

It is a gift that comes and brings to you a knowing that is complete and is true. This comes over and over again as the Love expands and grows within your souls and these faculties are enlivened and awakened. The Truth shall be given in all its wonderment and glory. You shall walk in this Earth, beloved souls, with knowledge deeper than the oceans, with understanding higher than the skies. You will walk in this Earth with the power of Truth within and be a beautiful and vibrant channel of Love and Truth in the world. The world needs those who are willing to step beyond the parameters of the mind and go to the knowings of the soul. This is needed. For the limitations of the mind will not solve the problems of your world. It is the expansive understandings of the soul that is complete with wisdom and Truth that will bring the answers.

You must forge ahead, beloved souls. Forge ahead with your efforts and your longings and your prayers so that these avenues may be opened, so that you may come to understand the intricacies of God’s Creation and come to be guided by the Wisdom and Will of God. In this way, God will be able to use you in many ways to bless humanity, to be a true and beautiful Light in this world. Seek this gift of Love and all will follow in its stead and you will be deeply blessed. You will feel great joy. You will know beyond knowing. You will see beyond seeing and you will love greatly. Like a great ocean, this love will pour and flow through you.

May God bless you upon this journey, beloved souls. May you come to realize these things which I implore you to do and be as God blesses us all upon this journey of soul awakening. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and my love is with you all. God bless you.