Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 8, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C. Canada

May the blessings of the Father’s Love pour into your souls in great abundance. I am John, John the Beloved. I see here beautiful souls dedicated to light, truth and love, though you are merely a handful who are seeking. For each one of you, there are at least ten more who are seeking upon your Earthly plane which in itself does not make up a great body of souls seeking the light. Yet, for every one of these beautiful souls on the Earthly plane, there are thousands more in the spirit world who are also seeking light and are of light. So, in proportion to the vastness of humanity upon the earthly plane, you are merely equivalent to the head of a pin in desire, dedication, love and light.  

Yet,  I say to you that what you represent and who you are brings a great light to the Earthly plane, a light you are often not aware of. You have no idea how powerful you have become. Though you are in small numbers but great in capacity to bring the Light of God to the Earthly plane in such a way and quality that it is palpable. It can bring and motivate change in your world. Not because you, beloved souls, will initiate such change, rather because you, with humility and grace, ask God to bring the blessings forward that you might be His instruments, His humble servants. That His Will be done upon the earth as it is in heaven.  

With each of you are many many spirits who are bright and beautiful, angels who serve God and even those from other worlds who come to support you. A vast retinue of individuals surround us at this time, beloved souls. Thus, we are able to come clearly and powerfully to speak to you in this way. It is not just the capacities of this instrument, but it is the culmination of all of your prayers, intentions, efforts and lights that bring this blessing forward.  Not just of the angels speaking to you, but God channelling His Blessings through all of you into the world. So, you do the world a great service. So, the world benefits by your prayers and by all those who are associated with you and all those who wish to be a light in the world, a channel for God.   

Yes, there are a few but in this few, this collective of bright souls, there is the hope of the world, the possibility of great blessings and change that may come to your world.  Many pray, many seek, many desire, but few find the way that you have found. Few are receptive to the guidance and touch that will help them find this way. But as you progress and as you continue to consolidate your efforts and the power of your prayers and lights so, by the Law of Attraction, you will draw others and they will draw others. Until the momentum is so great that the world will feel the great power of your efforts. The great power of God working through you, the many blessings that will come. Indeed, as God continues to focus His Love and intentions upon this planet, so much is being given to help eradicate the darkness and the distractions and all conditions that are not harmonious with love.   

You, beloved souls, become those who ignite, who spearhead, who work with God to clear the way. Each of you who are strong and dedicate yourselves to service, who desire to know the purpose that God has put within your souls and the gifts that will come of this purpose, the unfolding of your efforts and your gifts to bring blessings to the world. Each of you are given many blessings. Each of you shall know the heavy, yet powerful Hand of God upon you that uplifts and upholds, transforms and brings light and love. Through your dedications these blessings will come. Through the efforts that you put forth, so many will benefit. 

Beloved souls, seek ever greater this gift of Love, the Essence of God’s Soul to flow into yours. In this way you will come to know the beauty and wonderment of your own soul and the capacities and blessings that may come through you as your gifts of the soul awaken. As you come to know an alignment between you and God, so that all may be in harmony with His Will. All may flow in accordance to His plan. Each of you is blessed. Each of you is a lightning rod for these blessings and shall bring them forth in wonderous, surprising and miraculous ways. You shall see, my beloved friends. That which I say shall be manifest in your lives as you continue to grow and awaken to the Love of God. I am John, and I love you. The blessings of love shall pour upon you, beloved souls, beyond all limitations, beyond all ideas and thoughts of what this love is. It shall flow and awaken true understanding and true blessings, deep and profound, bringing the awareness of God with it, bringing the truth and wisdom of God into your conscious self and bringing the joy of this awakening to every aspect of your lives.  

God bless you, beloveds. I come to assure you and to reassure you that all will be and all will unfold as God wills it. As His plan continues to be manifest through you, beloved souls. We are together in this. You and many many bright spirits and angels are together upon a path that will awaken humanity to the truth of love, the power of love, the glory of love. 

God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in the light, protect you from all darkness and evil and that it may dissipate with your prayers and the blessings channelled through you, beloved souls. God bless you. My love is with each one of you. God bless you.