Spirit: James Padgett
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  March 14, 2019
Location: Monroeville, PA 

My name is James Padgett. Many years ago, the angels blessed me with the opportunity to bring forth many truths, understandings that are not within the Bible. So I come to you, my friends, to encourage you to pick up this book, these series of books that were written in my time. Though the language is somewhat different than yours, the truth remains the same, that you might garner more for the nourishment of your mind and your soul to understand the workings of God’s beautiful creation and the workings of your own soul. If you ask to receive this book, I’m sure our dear friend will provide them and has encouraged you to read them. I say to you that in these books there are many truths that will answer your questions, that will stimulate your endeavors and pursuits of the soul. These messages are readily available to all who wish to have them. There are other books and other truths that have been made available in the world. 

You see, truth is not hidden. It is given from many directions, many opportunities, many things lead you to truth. Provided you have a desire, a longing to know, God will open those doors. God will give you what you require in order to understand. Remember all truth must be validated within you. Do not take someone’s word for what they believe is truth but validate it in your prayers, in that feeling within your soul. There you will find your answers and you will know, from your own personal experience, the truth of the soul, the truth of your true self. This gift will reside within you for all eternity, beloveds. 

This journey is for all eternity.  God is patient. He awaits your efforts, your prayers to come into alignment with the Truth of His creation, His Laws, the wonderment of all. For every soul that seeks there will be an answer and there will the blessing of support, angelic support. You will be blessed with a light and a protection. You will be blessed in many ways. This is God’s plan, for every soul to come into alignment, to come to truth, to come to that place that they long for as every soul longs to be reunited with God.

Beloved friends, I hope that you can see that God opens these doors for you and that you may step forward freely without hesitation to walk towards God. His Truths are simple and readily understood by every soul. You are gifted, beloved souls, with fellowship, with one another. May you support one another in love and walk this journey together. God does not mean for anyone to be alone but will indeed be with you as will His angels. Each and every one will find in some way companions upon this journey. 

This is God’s Love and compassion for each soul manifest in many ways. May you be blessed, my beloved friends, with all the answers, all the blessings, all the love, all the peace, all the joy of the spiritual journey well-experienced and known.

Thank you, my beloved friends. I am James Padgett and I am eager that each of you may come to know the Truth of God’s Love. God bless you, my friends. God bless you dearly.