Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 6, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

The world is opening up to you my friends. There is a wider and wider passage that continues to unfold for your work. I know you have concerns for the material and for the logistics of your efforts. I say to you, that when you have the forces of the Angelic powers, the Celestial Kingdom at your feet, nothing is impossible. When you see a dilemma on your journey of service, know that there will be solutions and that there will be the means provided for you to express and execute your guidance and your intention to serve humanity with truth.

If you look back and look at what has transpired in the past several years, do you not see a steady progress? Do you not recognize that indeed the portal has widened for you to walk through and be with many other souls, to be a channel of love and truth to many? The coming days are no exception. You continue to put yourself in service to others and to God. As such, God will indeed not only bless your efforts but open the way for many more expressions of God’s Will in this world. You use the term “precious cargo”, I say to you beloveds, you are indeed precious, precious to God, precious to us and precious to the world. For so few are willing to take up this cause to wear the Mantle of Truth, to strive to be a channel of love and truth and purity in the world.

Though you are human and you continue to struggle with the conditions of this world and the conditions within your soul, you have indeed made great progress. You are indeed heading towards that place where you have a soul redeemed, transformed by the Father’s Love. You know you are upon that road. You feel the momentum building within your souls and the awakening that continues there.

Beloveds, we are with you always. We continue to open doors for you. You are not to restrict your thinking and your doing in service to God. For where there is a desire to serve and efforts made to do so, doors will open, (will continue to open, many, many doors. The material means for the expression of service will be provided. Have no doubt, beloved souls. Have no doubt.

But as you continue upon this road, might I suggest that you take each day as a precious gift whether it be a day in contemplation and quietness and prayer or a day of action and connection and expression of truth. Each day is precious and one is not more precious than the other, for each is a gift. God continues to express His plan through you. In the timing and flow of that plan, be joyed at what is for the moment, and express your gratitude to God. Express the wonderment of your own creation, of the creation of life and all that is within it.

Know that you are an integral part of this great flow of Love and Truth that is coming to your world. God has not abandoned you. No, not ever. Nor will we abandon you, but are always with you and you are never alone. Though you may look close to the ground and see those conditions that need attending to, and those souls who continue to challenge you, and these influences of the world that are difficult to manage and to curtail, know that you continue to be strong within your soul, that you are indeed channels of light. It is your mind that continues to be your challenge. It is all those things within your mind, worries and cares, judgments and fears that continue to haunt you.

Beloved souls, when you are alone, when you are quiet, when these things come up to the surface of your consciousness, ask God to heal you of these conditions. Make concerted efforts to quell the disturbances. Ruffle the waters. Quell them with your faith, the strength of your soul, the surety that you are indeed in God’s Grace and grasp and that all is moving forward as is planned. There is nothing to fear or worry about, beloved souls.

There is a great unfolding, a beautiful light, gifts expressed, actions in accordance and in alignment with God’s Will. What higher purpose is this my friends? What higher purpose? What great blessing is this, beloved souls? We are pleased, very pleased with your efforts and your actions, the time that you spend together.

Always reach for the highest. Never indulge negatives, conditions, and thoughts, but reach for the highest. Know that in this reaching, in this expression and way of being in the world that you attract to yourselves, the highest blessings and benefits and opportunities. It requires strength and faith, trust and application of the truths that you know.

May you continue to apply yourselves accordingly. For as you pass each test, as you strengthen in your resolve and your ability to sidestep the negative currents of this world and the negative currents within your minds, then you are preparing to be that channel of Love that God wishes for you to be, to be that bright soul, that beautiful expression of His wondrous Creation. You will and you can overcome all. It is not impossible. It is not beyond you. You are far stronger than you realize. You have great gifts and light within your soul. Utilize this. Utilize what you have, what God has given you, what God continues to open within you, and all will come to be in harmony. All will flow in Love. All will be a great joy and recognition of how and how deep you are loved.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. My love is with you. I walk with you as do many, many Celestial Angels, walk with you, protecting, influencing, inspiring, guiding and clearing the passage for you. The only obstruction that we cannot remove is the one that you make for yourself. Be aware of your thoughts. Beware of those currents of negativity and be strong in the light for in this way, all will be removed and all will come to be as all is meant to be.

God Bless you, beloveds. God Bless you.