Spirit: Matthew & Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 4, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, dear souls, I am Matthew. We in the Celestial kingdom are pleased that you have come together to seek to further the truth of God’s Love in the world. As this is your motivation and your desire, know that you will receive the assistance of your celestial guides and angels to bring you to that place of fruition, of opening the door for the possibilities of this venture so that it may be successful and full of great opportunities to reach out to many.

Be aware that God has provided a vessel for you to fill with your knowledge and wisdom and love, a vessel that will be retained far longer than your life on this earth. No matter what you call this vessel, whether it be an institution or a church or some other idea of structure, it is to be a vessel to retain the truth as is your understanding of it and be used that others may drink of these waters of truth and knowledge to sustain them, to help them to grow not only within their minds but their souls. The instrumentality which you use will be of your choosing, beloveds. Remember that each step will be guided, each intention must be married with the intention of God to bring the truth to humanity, that from this perspective then there must be humility and love and a gracious outpouring of your efforts touching those around you who may also take up this banner, this torch of truth, and follow together as God’s instruments of truth in the world. Do not allow the roadblocks of personalities and other ideas and intentions cloud you from what you see already as a straight and narrow path. This does not need to be a complex matter, beloved souls, though you may through your mindful ideas and willfulness make this journey more complex than need be.

Always reach for the simple truth and the simple solution and God will guide you thus through all the brambles and snares that is of your world to that place, that beautiful meadow, that is open to the sun and its warmth, to God’s Touch and its beauty. In this way, as you experience and perceive harmony amongst you and amongst those you will be working with, then it will be your guide and direction to follow. Remember this, beloved souls, where harmony ensues so you are on the right path, a path that God has led you upon. When you encounter disharmony, whether it be of your own mind’s making or of another’s resistance and insistence, then you must bring these things to God. Allow God with His beautiful breath to blow away those conditions that are around you and to bring in further light and joy and upliftment. In this way solutions will be found, in this way the road will be set clearly and lit well. It is for each of you, beloved souls, to come to that place of harmony and of connection with your Heavenly Father so that you will be guided deeply and joyfully upon this path. It will not be a path that is so arduous, consuming of your energies and focus that you will feel depleted. Rather, as you walk upon this path it will nourish you and bring you joy and upliftment. This too is your signal that you are on the right path. When you feel bogged down and confused, know that you are engaging too much of your mind and too little of your soul. This opportunity is a great opportunity to learn and grow and to test yourselves to see how you may follow God’s Will as clearly and as succinctly as is possible for you to do, that you may develop this venture with love as the core of all that you do for love is important. It is the foundation. It is the goal to love humanity and in loving humanity you provide for them the opportunity to drink of this fount of knowledge and truth, of love and light.

You are each gifted in your own ways and together you make a powerful expression of light. Continue to pray earnestly for the awakening of your souls so as you do so you will open up greater wisdom and capacities to bring about the awakening of this beautiful opportunity given to you by God. Each of you have been inspired, each of you have much to share with one another. Allow yourselves to share freely, to give one another the opportunity to do so, to honor and acknowledge one another on this journey of growing and awakening and bringing about an aspect of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. You will not be wasting your efforts, beloved souls, but there is the need for a grounded foundation, a way to proceed with clear objectives and intentions that are of the highest. Each of you must pray to be guided and awakened to God’s Will and plan. In this way may you be willing to release any imposition of your mind upon this plan and allow it to unfold in harmony with God’s Will. This is your test, beloved souls. When something within your conversations and that which you put upon paper does not ring of harmony and truth, you must address this and come together with a humble desire to seek out what is meant to be in this journey.

So I have given you instructions, more detailed that what is often given. But indeed what is given today fits the need for clear direction and understanding and as such I will continue to assist you upon this road. And if by chance you may abandon this project because you have found it too onerous though unlikely as this may seem, I tell you that there are thousands more opportunities awaiting the soul who is willing to be guided, to be a part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. So you may choose this direction and we are happy to assist you in this choice but know if you fail or if you remove yourselves for whatever reason you may have, God respects your free will and does not punish those who may reject one of His plans for He, as I say, has many and at some juncture you will find another opportunity available to you. I do not say these things to discourage you, beloved souls. I merely say these things because what you have tentatively set forth to do will require your efforts and commitment, a deep commitment from all of you. The fulfillment of this project, as you would call it, may take much longer than you anticipate but we will guide you and we will bring to you those individuals who are in alignment with this effort. To have the blessings of God upon this and consequently the efforts of the angels to assist you is indicative that you are upon the right path and your journey will bring many blessings.

May God bless you as you continue to awaken to all the potentials of your soul through receiving the blessing of God’s Love. May you be earnest in this pursuit for this is the foundation for everything that may follow. We are with you in Love, beloveds. I am Matthew. I will continue to support you as you make these efforts to bring the truth of God’s Love to humanity. My love is with you. The blessings and presence of many angels is with you. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you.


And I also wish to make comment. I am Professor Salyards. If I had my life to live again and as you well know this is not possible, I would enthusiastically join you in these efforts. What a wonderful idea, beloved souls, a University of the Soul. Brilliant, my beloved compatriots upon the path of Divine Love, and I too will assist you in developing curriculum and to bring forth much needed explanations of the Truths of God a will many angels who are eager to contribute to this venture. I congratulate you on your initial steps. You seem well guided, clear in your minds and your intentions to set forth in this work. You will see as time progresses how things will fall into place and as our beautiful and beloved teacher Matthew indicates, be willing to change your plans as necessary, be open to different ideas and approaches so that you may find the one that is in greater harmony and alignment with God for this is what is needed always. In this alignment will come the answers to all questions and dilemmas and challenges for as you know in your world there will be challenges and questions and skepticism and reticence because most upon your world are engaged in the human condition so thoroughly that they cannot see beyond these conditions that are so much of the  mind. But you, beloved and beautiful friends that you are, will have vision, will be guided, will see clearly and deeply what is needed. Be persistent upon the truth that you know and the truth that you must follow. Be true to yourselves, be true to your gifts, be true to that yearning within your soul that guides you forward and all will be well, my friends. All will be well. You bring me joy and I make my declaration of commitment towards your efforts at this time. I am with you, my friends, so very much with you in joy. God bless you. I am Professor Salyards. God bless you and keep you in His Love.