Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 13, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

I am Professor Salyards. I come to speak to you today to encourage you in your efforts regarding the gathering that is coming, that each may play their part willingly and inspired by what is needed and what, through their gifts, can be accomplished. There is much that is required to bring this gathering together and to bring further harmony amongst the people that are coming.

Many are open. Open in their hearts, open in their minds, feeling love and joy with the anticipation of this gathering. Indeed, there are those among you who are guided to step forward and contribute. Some of you in more than one respect. You may do a number of things to help facilitate, to bring greater harmony, bring greater joy, bring a greater sense of unity amongst you all. 

So I encourage you, my friends, to consider what you might do to help facilitate something that will be magnificent, filled with light and love, healing of many, upliftment of many. The blessing of God’s Love intensely flowing upon you all.

God has given each of you many gifts. And so I would encourage you to exercise those gifts. To not feel reluctant, but to feel the impetus of God’s Will and Desire for you to serve as His instruments. This is a great opportunity. It is important that you all come together and forge a greater bond, bringing unity and harmony together.

Now is the time and the opportunity to do so. We will be there in great numbers helping to uplift, to bring the conditions forward that will help facilitate all of these blessings through all who are willing to be God’s instruments for the benefit of the many who are there.

It will not be difficult or complex. It will be a beautiful flow, a loving administration upon your brothers and sisters. Go to this gathering to give of yourself, to be God’s instruments in the midst of this light. In this way, much will flow. Indeed, as things flow in this way, you will benefit greatly by what you can give. For God does not give in just one way, but all who are involved are blessed in many ways.

 I encourage you, my friends. I’m your Professor Salyards, and my love is with you. I’m pleased that you continue to speak about this time together, the importance of it, the possibilities that it presents, the beauty and light that will come. This anticipation is important. It helps to build the conditions and to open the opportunities for much to manifest, much to be blessed and flow upon the people. We continue to encourage many to come. It is important that as many as possible may join in this effort, this prayer, this time of celebration, commitment and unity.

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you, keep you in His Love, always. I love you precious precious souls on the Earth. So few of you, yet so precious and needed.