Spirit: Lytergus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 23, 2020
Location: Kootenay Bay, BC

The winds of change are all about you and the Breath of God, His Love, is upon you, each of you. I am Lytergus. I do not speak often through this instrument but I am close to these dear souls who continue to see Truth and to express Truth through various means and ways to bring greater light to the world and to those who are seeking guidance and assistance in their daily life.

So it is in your world, beloved souls, that there are many diverse directions, ways and means of expressing Truth. Though Truth in itself is simple, the interpretation of that truth in the minds of mortals is often very complex. The the minds of those who are seeking Truth and expressing Truth according to their biases, their life experiences, and what they have studied in their life have a great bearing upon what may flow through them, what brings to them a sense of truth, even in the practicality of expressing truth. I work with many who are of this ilk, who are seekers of truth, and who have spent a great deal of time and thought in reading, practicing as well as conversation and contemplation regarding what  their individual perspective is, formulating from these things what is important in their thinking and doing in regard to spirituality.

So it is in your world, a diverse world full of diversity in thought. Does one perspective bring greater truth than another? For each individual, it is in accordance to their desires, their actions, and thoughts that bring to them the channel of truth into their consciousness. Can one judge another’s path, another’s thoughtful expression of truth? No, beloved souls, each is unique. Each is loved by God equally. Each is nurtured by God in Love.

So, for all of you and all upon this Earth that is presently experiencing change and greater change that is coming, it is important that you embrace one another in acceptance and love, that you give away your desire for control, your desire to guide and to teach another in ways that are your perspective and understanding. This way of desiring that there be a unity where all is homogenized into one thought, one perspective, one path cannot truly be attained without first embracing the diversity. In the unity of love, that deeper place and perspective, the truth will grow and expand into the consciousness of each individual and then outward towards their brothers and sisters, flowing in love, flowing in acceptance, touching each soul, supporting and embracing all you meet.

In this way, there will be a bond, a unifying force that will collect all who are engaged in Light and Truth and Love. They will come together, not necessarily within their mindful ideas and perspectives, but soul to soul, where there will be a sense of deep connection, love, and acceptance.

The world will come together in this way but first you must put aside your expectations of those you meet. Rather come to them in humility and grace and love. This is the message, the truth that you bring. This is what will clear the barriers and misunderstandings. The power of love, the power of light, the power of joy, the power of your own individual curiosity and desire to seek truth, coming together, unifying all within this diverse and beautiful collection of souls, each one seeking essentially the same Truth but experiencing that Truth from their own unique perspective.

This is how God has intended life, this great variety of expression, of each unique soul experiencing life upon their unique path. How wonderful it is that you may perceive and appreciate each individual that you meet. This is what enriches a life. This is what is meant for each soul, to appreciate all of God’s flowers in His garden, to spend some time together in love, to embrace one another in friendship, in brother and sisterhoods, in the truth of existence which goes on and on for all eternity. The diversity and gifts that each carry, these expressions and personalities all unique, come together in joyful appreciation and recognition of God’s great creativity, God’s beautiful expression of Love in the Universe flowing through all that is together in harmony and beauty, wonderment and love.

May you all experience and come to know with heightened consciousness and great Love within the soul, a journey of life that is filled with joy and wonderment. Seek this great gift, this Essence of God for this is what will ignite those finer sensibilities and perceptions and appreciations of life. As God’s Love, the Essence of His Soul, pours upon you all, continues to grow and awaken your very and true nature, you will find this great joy and appreciation. It will grow and grow as your vision deepens. How profound will be the insights, the acknowledgment, and the joy of life.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Lytergus. I come to you in love. I am a resident of the Celestial Kingdom where there is great diversity. There is great beauty and love and joy beyond your comprehension, my beautiful friends. So we point you upon this path for this is what your souls seek. This is what you truly desire and this will open the doors to great Truth. God bless you. My love embraces you all. God’s Love embraces us all in the great firmament of this Universe. God bless you, beloved friends. God bless you.