Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 12, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, New South Wales, Australia

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. Several years ago we instructed you to go out into the world and establish Circles and Centres of Light. This is what you have been doing. You continue to fulfill that request. This is your goal and mission when you come together in ways such as this. You are assisting God in establishing Centres of Light and helping to create that means by which they can be sustained with a Portal and of course with the prayers of those who are the custodians of these Centres.

So those dear and beautiful souls have committed themselves to this beautiful gift in the world, this beautiful Centre of Light. They feel the rightness and importance of it, that this is truly a blessing from God. As you continue on your travels, beloved souls, so you will help to establish more Centres of Light, assist in establishing Portals of Light, and gather together in Circles of Light. God is infiltrating the world through you with His Light and blessings.

This is happening all over your planet, beloved souls. So there are those you do not know and who follow different paths than yourself. Such Centres are being established to sustain the world through the changes that are coming, changes that you see all about you and will continue to intensify as the conditions of the world are more chaotic, the natural cycles disrupted and the ebb and flow of life through the seasons, through the great mechanisms that God has put into play to bring life more fully established in your world.

So where these Centres are established, there will be protection, a great intensity of blessings and energies as you call them in that place. In the times to come, they will be Centres that will sustain those who are seeking to find God, to find meaning while all about them, those well-established routines and ideas of life are rent asunder. So here and elsewhere, there will be the facility to bring great comfort and love and healing to those who are distraught and confused and lost.

God always provides some way where His Love and comfort and blessings may be given. It may be a church or a home or a Centre that has the purpose of bringing Light through many avenues and many mechanisms. You are blessed with this knowledge, this understanding of what these places are for and why God continues to establish these Centres even in the midst of resistance and rejection. So you are blessed, beloved souls, to be the emissaries of God to help establish these places, part of His plan. You will continue to travel. You will continue to be guided to places that you know nothing of. There will be a surprising invitations and a magnificent outcome.

Remain with your minds open and your souls in deep desire to serve and connected with God. In this way, you will be used. In this way, you will be guided. Many angels continue to work diligently to reach those souls who are of Light and who are destined to be custodians of these Centres of Light. You will help to ignite the realization and the possibilities of that to be realized.

Beloved souls, you are given this special task. This is not your only task in the world but it is indeed a great gift to you. It is indeed a great blessing. Within your minds, you must keep this alive with the desire to serve in this way and to be a part of this opening of great Channels of Light in the world. As we have spoken of, these Lattices of Light interconnect with  Portals and Centres and Circles. The more that are established, the greater the Lattice, the more powerful is this network and the more effective it will be. Each will be capable of bringing great blessings to your world, bringing in the energies, the transformative energies that are intended for your world to uplift, to reclaim, the bring into harmony all that is in your world.

It is an important task. One that is to be taken seriously. One that is deeply blessed. I commend you, beloved souls, for being willing to move forward with this. Despite some physical difficulties and challenges, you continue to be dedicated to the task at hand. Our love and appreciation for what you are doing grows and grows as you continue to move forward, walk forward, sometimes hobbling forward. But still you move forward and you accept what God has given you. You are receiving healing and you will be supported and uplifted. Do you not see how this journey that you are taking at this time is being well-supported? The love of those who in their souls truly know that this is a gift and an opportunity for them are responding with love and acceptance and graciousness. They too are being blessed as you well know.

There is much work to do as we have said over and over again. I need not repeat myself in this regard but I wish to reinforce your thoughts and your intentions that this work that you do is very important and worthwhile and will bring forth much fruit from your labours, from our labours, from God’s labours. Do we not all work together in a great flow of Love? You will see in your lifetime the power and wonderment of the work that you endeavor to do at this time. You will see how it unfolds in remarkable and surprising ways. Many blessings will be upon you, beloved souls, many gifts opening, many healings given, much Truth and wisdom, beautiful peace and comfort. You will be guided as to how to proceed and how to be with those who feel the power of your love and the power of the blessings and conditions that are here established in this room, in this home, upon this property. For you will be drawing in many and many will be needy.

But I tell you, beloved souls, God will guide you as to how to respond and to respond in ways that are in balance and harmony with your own selves provided you are willing to listen, to open your minds, to release some patterns that are not in harmony. For is it not always a journey of growth, of opening, of awakening, of changing? As God’s Love continues to awaken you, so the wisdom comes, so the changes and patterns of thought and doing, in ways of responding, in ways of loving another.

This invitation that God has given you to serve in these ways is as much an invitation for your own personal growth and awakening of the soul as it is for the blessings for others. In God’s great wisdom and Grace, all are blessed. All are given great blessings as you continue to fulfill His Will and serve in love. You awaken and are strengthened and come more fully into the Light and come closer to the fountainhead of all Love.

So you are blessed, beloved souls, so you are blessed and are accompanied by many angels who assist you upon this journey. May God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and I love you. God bless you.