DATE: May 11, 2024
LOCATION: Sechelt, B.C

We thank you for attending, beloved souls. Your dedication and consistency is noted. God continues to guide you and uphold you as you continue to seek God’s blessings. Indeed, as you continue to seek the Love of God, the Essence of His Soul, so it continues to come forth and touch your soul, awakening it gradually, ever so gradually. Yet, that development, that awakening is happening. It is so gradual that I believe that many of you do not see much of a change within you and yet, do you not feel the power that is building within the core of your being? 

There is something solid and formidable that is growing within you. Attune yourselves to that, beloved friends. Attune yourselves to what you are to become rather than look at what you have been, or the flaws and situations of your earthly life that have held you back. This is a time of great change and great flux. It is for you to acknowledge your present condition and what will come in the future, rather than dwell upon the past.

God bless you. I am Orion and I love you so. You have felt the emanations of your sun bringing rays that affect your Earth plane. Indeed this is a powerful condition and energy that is emanated by the celestial body of your sun. I say to you, this is but the beginning of many such incursions upon the Earth. It is the beginning of many changes that will come from it. This is only the beginning, and rather mild in comparison to what will come in the future, although it has been noted by your scientists for its intensity and power.

Many changes are coming to the Earth and we have spoken of these things often. Your summer season will be exceptionally hot and dry, and it will affect the arctic ices and the glaciers that exist in the Northern Hemisphere. This condition, this situation will shift towards the Southern Hemisphere when the Earth tilts in that direction, thus triggering more melting, more reactions from these long established geological conditions upon your Earth. As these polar caps melt, there is also a shifting within the inner Earth that will excite more Earthquakes and more volcanic reactions. The entire planet is shifting and adjusting and thus, you must adjust with it. Rather than have fear as to what this means to your personal life, I would urge you to have confidence that such things are necessary in order to bring greater harmony to your world.

Yes, they are harsh and somewhat violent, and cause great difficulties for  established humanity upon the Earth. For you have built your cities, your systems and all manner of things and inventions relying upon the consistent cycles of your Earth and the expressions of the crust of your Earth in such a way that all remains steadfast. I say to you that this reliance is not well-situated. For much of what you have grown accustomed to in your life on Earth and the way in which humanity conducts life on Earth, will no longer be reliable, nor well-established.

My beloved friends, though you grow spiritually, and your relationship, your union with God continues to strengthen and be that part of you that is strong and grows in strength and light, the world in which you inhabit will not meet the needs that it did in the past. It will not bring you the pleasures and comforts that it did in the past. Rather, many things will not be possible. In time, you will have to rely upon the food that you grow locally, rather than the great systems of commerce that have provided so much for each of you.

Indeed the mechanisms, machinery, communications, all of these things will be greatly altered by the changing conditions of the Earth. You will be required to adjust accordingly. Indeed for each of you, as it will be for many on the Earth plane who are spiritually attuned, you will be given greater resources, greater upliftment, greater protection and greater guidance. God will ensure that you will be fed within your soul, that the wisdom that will emerge from your soul will help you to navigate these conditions and you will not feel bereft of that which is lost, rather hopeful for that which will be gained. You will be optimistic and filled with faith even though in the physical ways of your life there will be less to uphold you, yet spiritually, there will be a great benefit and this will replace the distractions that you have established for yourself presently. Indeed, you will shift with the times. The times will shift greatly in accordance to the Will of God and the will of man, for both play their part in this great upheaval and shift of reality.

I ask you to be calm and faithful, filled with the idea that God will indeed bring peace to the Earth. Peace that has long been needed. Peace will ensure the longevity of Earth and the longevity of mankind. Your weapons of destruction will no longer be able to exert their power. The political systems will fall through to the point of being almost irrelevant. What you have to give to one another, how you may support and uplift one another is what will matter and what will be powerful. The resources within each and every individual are great. Yet, they are seldom utilised or understood because conditions on your Earth have caused many to sleep and to be gratified by the many distractions and pleasures that humanity has been able to establish on your earthly plane.

This is about to change. Indeed this cosmic event is but a warning shot of what will come. I have used this event as a way to introduce yet again the idea of Earth changes, why they are to take place, and in some regard how they will take place.

I will continue to inform you as necessary, but I do not wish to overburden you with details and things that are not required at this time. Rather, we will continue to pray, continue to seek, continue to grow the great light within our souls that comes with God’s Love. So it is, that His children are seeking for the highest gift and blessing, So it is, walking a path that shall be eternal. A path on this plane that is so very temporary, a path in the spirit world that will be swift and bring great results and joy, a path that will lead to at-onement with God.

May you be blessed upon this path, beloved souls, and be given all that you require. Pray for what you need. Pray for those things that will bring harmony to you, harmony of the soul, harmony of the spirit and indeed even harmony of the physical. These things may manifest in accordance to your desires and your application of the laws. May you be blessed, my friends, greatly, profoundly, completely blessed by God. God bless you. I am your friend, Orion and I love you so, beloved souls. I love you so. God bless you.