Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 27, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Seretta Kem. I come to speak to you of the changes that are happening in your atmosphere in your world. I am not referring to the climatic changes which for many of you have become obvious and demonstratable in your particular seasons. But I come to speak of the changes within your bodies and your spirits and your souls. As God infuses this world with His energetic blessings and conditions that will change everything in life, so you are responding to this blessing. Even down to the very cells and DNA within your body, there is an effect, a transition and a change that is happening with each of you.

These changes will continue to radiate towards you, these energies, so that you may feel certain shifts within you, changes within you. This will manifest in sensations within your body, sensations within your spirit, and more sensitivity within your soul. Your level of feeling and vulnerability will increase. Your attunement with the natural order will be more acute. Your sensitivities to foods, atmosphere, air, water, etc., all the elements, will change and be transmuted by these energies that are coming.

As we have told you, the Earth is changing. This is partly to do with the interference of humanity upon the Earth but it is also in conjunction with God’s intervention upon your Earth. The energetic level of your Earth is coming to a higher in vibration, as you would call it, a shorter amplitude of the waves of vibration that are constant within your world.

So, this brings heightened sensitivity. With many who do not understand this or are attuned to it, there can also be heightened irritability and sensitivity to all the infractions that humanity pronounce upon one another. With this heightened sensitivity, you are given a gift that allows you to pray with more awareness of God’s blessings upon you. You will feel God more acutely. For some of you who have a great deal of trouble sensing these soulful experiences, it will come more readily now. Though your mind has certain expectations and ideas as to what that may be, you will see beyond them to what it is.

These gifts from God which are pouring upon you will be know and felt and understood to some degree. Those who are psychically inclined, and each of you have some physic gifts, you will open up more readily to seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, smelling, all of these aspects of the psychic that are the senses of the psychic and the spirit body. Your thoughts will change, as those old patterns will fade and new and more relevant ideas and thoughts will come into play in your consciousness.

You will see the world differently. You will feel the yearnings of your soul. Most importantly, you will express the yearnings of your soul to God more readily for the atmosphere is being charged so that there is a greater sensitivity and attunement to those things of God’s creation. It is for the purpose of neutralizing those conditions that humanity has created that bring the individual away from God.

As the world changes, so will you, beloved souls. As the atmosphere is empowered with the blessings of God within it, so those aspects of yourself that are attuned to these things will awaken and come to know them more acutely and fully. Many of you will have a desire for more isolation from the human condition and those who express it so readily. I say to you, my friends, seek to be channels of love and blessings for you brothers and sisters. Do not hide away. Although, most certainly I urge you to take time in prayer and solitude to be more attuned with God.

Those times when you are out in the world, welcome the possibility of being a channel of light and love as you move in the world. As you have seen, the world is beginning to open again to more interaction, more possibility of connecting with individuals. When you go out into the world blessed by God, having said your prayers and expressed your intentions and sat in light and love, so you are prepared. So, you are ready to be that instrument for God needs instruments such as yourself in order to embark upon this great plan that He has devised to change the world and bring greater harmony to it.

God needs His instruments and each of you are beautiful candidates as God’s instruments in the world provided you desire this, pray for this, and prepare for this in prayer. You will be more sensitive than most and more acutely aware than most of the changes that are upon us and will continue to intensify. There will come a tipping point where the world will shift into a higher consciousness and awareness. For many this will be difficult as the adjustments will be great. 

It is important that those who understand and know the purpose for these changes that they will come to reassure their brothers and sisters that all is well and that a wonderful blessing and miracle will be upon the Earth as this change intensifies and brings its effects in every corner of the world. There is much to prepare for, beloved souls.

We are always joyed when you come together in prayer. When you pray in your corner, that quiet place that you have made for yourself, know that we are with you, that God is pouring His blessings ever more powerfully upon you. As each day comes in your life, so the power of this blessing and the many blessings of God will intensify and bring change within you down to the very make-up of your physical body up to the wonderful aspects of your soul awakened in love.

Be aware of this, beloved souls. Think of how you are changing. Think of how God wishes for you to be in greater alignment with Him. Think of how this may be expressed in your world, in your life. Think of how these things may bring blessings to your families, your friends, your loved ones, all who are about you. For when you are radiating this light and change, so they will notice and ask and wonder what has become of you? Why are you different? We can feel this difference and we want to know why.

This will open the door for you to speak of these truths, to speak of what is coming in the world and in doing so, radiate love and joy as God brings His blessings to all of us and all of the world. May you find your way in this ever-changing place that is your Earth. May you come to be strengthened in love. May your bodies, your spirits, your souls come into alignment with God and be free from the shackles of the human condition. 

Awareness, great awareness may come to your consciousness, great love may come to your heart, deep knowing and seeing may come to the faculties that are opening in your soul so that you may truly understand the words that I have spoken and many have spoken of what is to come for you are being blessed mightily, prepared powerfully, uplifted greatly in light. 

May you continue to be in this light and absorb all that you can to bring change to yourself and your world. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem and my love is with you, beloved souls, always with you. God bless you. God bless you.