Spirit: James the Apostle
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 6, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God’s Love bless you deeply, beloved souls, I am James. It is indeed God’s Plan to have all His children connected in love and light, that all those who are open and desirous of this fellowship, this connection of love. May they band together no matter their beliefs or religion, no matter their mindful perspective of life. That within their souls is a deep longing to be bonded in love with their brothers and sisters and most importantly, to be bonded in love with God. For it is this yearning of the soul, this desire to know God, to know your own selves in all its beauty and glory, the soul that is the integral part of your being. 

For many, the soul is a great mystery. For many, there is no understanding of the spiritual. But for those of you who gather together today, each of you are well aware of that deep inner voice, that beautiful light, that glorious gift from God that is you, that is your soul. God desires that each of you, beloved children, will reach out to your brothers and sisters in love, will give when you can in whatever way that God opens a door to be a channel of love, to be an instrument of blessings for your brothers and sisters. This is how the world will be connected, interlaced in light, a great tapestry of love. Each soul that is part of this tapestry, this Lattice of Light, will contribute to its vitality and its capacity to continue to spread and connect and touch many souls. For this is God’s Plan, beloved children, that you are all a part of the great family of humanity, that you continue to contribute to God’s Plan to reach each soul in your world. 

God is working with many others, many other souls who feel the yearnings as you feel the yearnings, who are becoming aware of their souls as you are coming into awareness of your soul. There are many, many beautiful souls in your world who are awakening as God continues to touch and awaken His children. 

In your way, you are bonded in love. In your way, you continue to awaken in love, to come to know your true selves, to be an expression of soul, clear and bright, beautiful and filled with many blessings and potentials. Your gifts, beloved souls, await the Touch of God to ignite them that they may be expressed in your world. In this expression you will contribute to this great Network of Light. 

There is much to God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. There is much that needs to be done. Great work that awaits each soul who is willing to be a part of this beautiful network of bright souls whose firm and utmost intention is to help, to heal, to uplift, and to bring peace to this world. Each of you who indeed express this longing and desire to God will find their place within this great plan and will walk in light with an angel by their side, with God’s Hand upon them. God will inspire you, beloved souls. God will show you the way. God will open doors and bring many into your lives who are both yearning for love and are able to give love and to be a part of this network. So it will grow, beloved souls, so it will grow. A beautiful unfolding of a vast Network of Light that stretches across the globe and is part and parcel of God’s great plan and desire to uplift humanity and bring peace and harmony to your world. 

Seek for the gift of God’s Love, this great Blessing from the Holy Spirit that touches your soul. This is what will ignite the potentials of your soul. This is what will clear the path and guide you forward with strength and clarity and you will find your way. No matter the conditions in which you live, no matter the challenges you may have, no matter that which may hold you back from God, you will find your way and come to that place of true soul awakening and awareness so that you and your Heavenly Father may be in onement, in harmony, in grace. 

May God bless you beloved souls upon that journey. I am James and I will continue to assist all those who wish for my presence, as will many, many angels who have a deep desire and great capacity to uplift and support all mortals on Earth who are seeking light and who are seeking truth. There is much that can be given to you, beloved souls, much that awaits your yearning, your prayers, your desires, and your expression of love. All will fall into place as you pray and reach out to God and walk upon this path of light and love, so, you will find your way and you will find great purpose, great joy, great love. 

May God bless you my beloved friends and may He continue to show you the way that He has designated for each one of you, a unique path towards Him and at-onement in great expressions of soul, in the growing and awakening of your soul in Love. May God bless you. I am James. God bless you.