Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 8, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Blessings to you, beloved souls. I am Orion. There are many agencies in the universe that are working together to help uplift this planet of yours, a planet that is on the cusp of great change and transformation. There are many eyes upon your world: some curious, some desiring to uplift and support this serious transformation, many who are attuned to God and asking to be utilised as a channels of light for this beautiful planet of yours, and all of you upon it. Of course, there are those bright spirits and Celestial Angels who are most intent on assisting humanity in their progression toward greater harmony and truth in alignment with God’s laws of love. Each of you may play your part and each of you is benefitting from the great focus of so many of these agencies and channels of light that are focusing upon your world, and so you are gaining many blessings from many different sources. 

All of these blessings come from God, the great Source of all. When these things are reflected through various souls, and individuals whether they are incarnate or not, then the hue, the quality, the texture of this blessing is reflected through the soul of that individual who is ministering to you. So it is with you, my beloved friends, each of you has qualities and gifts which God uses to reflect His blessings through you to others. When you are the point in which much is flowing through, this wide array of what you call energies are focused through you into this world, it is important for you to come together in this way to pray. For, as a group you are harmonious and connected, and in this way we can utilize this connection, this harmony, this power that you carry together to channel great light, great blessings, great energies through you so that the channel is multiplied exponentially by your presence and your efforts. Thus, I encourage you to continue to pray together in this way, for you are doing a work that is great and deep, though many of you are unaware, and yet, in a certain way you are aware and can be aware of your instrumentality in this regard. 

Thus you become another agency for change in the world, you become an instrument for God, and the great shift from darkness to light is to some degree dependent upon your commitment and your efforts, singly and collectively. Do not underestimate the power of your collective agency. Do not take this for granted but rather honor this. Come to that place of appreciation and joy that you are given this opportunity. You have elected to be a part of a great movement toward change which is Divinely orchestrated and guided. You are an integral part, and so each of you must come to the awareness of this. For, in this awareness, you will realize and come to appreciate the depth and breadth of what is happening and how you are truly a part of this great effort to save and transform humanity, to bring humanity to the next step of awareness, of evolution, of realization of their true selves and potentials. Your scientists believe this comes with the workings of the mind and the intellectual understandings of the universe, and to some degree this is true, but it does not constitute a major part of what must be and what must happen with humanity. It is only a small fraction of what is necessary and what is offered for your growth and progress as a species, as an individual. 

You come much closer to what is required through your efforts in prayer and receiving the great gift of God’s Essence within you, igniting so much that is hidden and unrealised in humanity. So you are the harbingers, the forerunners. In many respects you are guinea pigs of this great effort. For we work in many creative ways to help you come to the realisations and awakenings that are necessary. We try many approaches since you as a species are unique in your own ways, living in a unique environment. We must come to understand that environment and we must come to understand you in this environment. We work with you in this environment and with the potentials that are within this unique Creation of God.  So we work together as do many others to bring about a dissolution of all the polluting energies, thoughts, conditions that are a part of your world. We seek to disburse these things as effectively as possible and as quickly as possible. Yet, humanity continues to make great efforts in polluting and repolluting this environment and so the mind state, the focus and priorities of humanity must change drastically in order to nullify the conditions in your world. 

Some months back, the activities of humanity were halted by a pandemic and the results were that the air cleared. The activities that caused great duress and stress upon the planet halted for some time and greater harmony ensured as a result. This is but a mere example of how the activities of humanity are burdensome upon your world and upon one another. It is important to take note of this period of this time and how a change in habits and activity in the world have a dramatic effect in the world. Of course, many suffered by this. Many felt alone and isolated, and had no idea how to cope with these conditions as they were used to those things that were of human development and mindset and they were lost without them. Of course, humanity is a social being and needs social interaction. Though this change came at a great price in regard to the fundamental needs of humanity. In many ways one can see how the world can change and be better for it. 

Yes, there are many things to consider in regard to the needs of humanity and the activities of humanity because many have no idea of spiritual laws, the laws of creation. They are unaware that their activities and their thoughts are causing difficulties in the world causing in many cases, a miasma of darkness in the world and yes, we have our work cut out for us, do we not?

 My friends, to help change the mindset of humanity is a huge task requiring great, great efforts. The resources from our side of life are well placed in order to accomplish this but we are very deficient in the numbers of mortals who are willing to be in alignment with this great effort. Thus, we cherish those who are willing. We put great effort into those who are willing and we wish for you to put great focus upon what we are trying to accomplish. For without your willingness, your participation, your acceptance of this, we cannot go far. It is all in the harmony and connection and soul to soul love in which we operate and are able to do our work. It is essentially a spiritual effort and it requires nurturing the spiritual part of yourself, your soul, so that we may move further to help you along this path of progression, awareness and awakening. 

You have all that you require to do this. The knowledge is within you. It is often a matter of how dedicated and focussed you are in these efforts and contrary to this are the conditions of the world that press upon you, if you are open and allowing this to be so. 

And yes, it can be a lonely path, where many have their minds elsewhere and do not understand your perspective but to ameliorate this, we are there for you. Many are there for you and you are never alone. God is there blessing you greatly. Yes my friends, everything has its price. There are things about your life and the outcomes of your life that are not altogether gratifying or pleasant. Yet, in many other ways you benefit greatly. You are uplifted constantly. You are blessed everyday. I know that you would not have it any other way. 

We journey together, my friends upon a beautiful path of light and progress, awakening to greater harmony and love. Joy grows within you. May you come to know that joy, to truly nurture that joy which is the expression of your soul awakening in love and in this way you will be that instrument, that nexus, that focal point of God’s work and blessings to the world. May God bless you on this journey. I am Orion. My love for you is great. We work together with the many who are intent on seeing your world flourish in light, and harmony and peace, the truth shining through every soul upon this planet. May this be so. May you all continue to be in alignment with this goal and in alignment with God and His great plan. God bless you. God bless you all. Your friend, Orion, ever with you, ever with you, beloveds.