Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 17, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

…Love flow into your soul, beautiful and beloved friends, I am Matthew. Yes, the conditions of your world continue to intensify, many people are suffering in many different ways. And as the great change comes upon your world, so this suffering seems to intensify as all that is not in harmony with God is brought to the fore so that it may be uplifted and healed in Love. Many are feeling desperation that is within them and those feelings continue to rise up to their conscious self and bring greater pain. It is good that you pray for healing for the many that you know who are suffering, the many in the world who continue to suffer. 

But do not be downtrodden, beloved souls. Do not join them in their suffering, but come to God in great faith and love, beseeching God to uplift, to heal, beseeching God that He may use you as a channel for Love and healing for your loved ones and for the many in the world. For, as we have asked and as the request has been given many times through many ages of mankind, “be in the world but not of the world.” Be strong in love, not weak in these perceptions and acknowledgement of the darkness. Be with God and know that God is always with you. Know that you can be comforted in your sorrows and that blessings may go forth through your earnest prayers. 

God needs you to be in the Light, beloved souls. God needs for you to seek Light. And it is good that you use the great and mighty leverage of prayer to bring greater Light to the world. Utilize this Truth. Utilize all that God has given you to help bring Light to the world. For, it is in your dedications and prayers and desires and efforts to be in greater alignment and harmony with God that you will find your prayers are powerful agents of healing and change for your loved ones, for this world. Walk in this faith, beloveds. Walk in the Light of God’s Touch. Walk in the world knowing that within your soul is a great Light, a warmth, an emanation that God has placed within you. And what you emanate, both within your souls and your minds, may help to change the world and guide it towards greater harmony for all who live within it. 

Beloved souls, you are gifted with Truth, you have come to understand the simple yet powerful Laws of God’s Creation. Do not be downtrodden but feel the up-liftment and the freedom of the Father’s Touch upon you and you will find joy there. Though you may not have the ability to change another, you have the ability to pray that God will implant within them the seeds for change, the seeds for Light, the seeds for harmony. May this be your prayer. May you come to know the power of this prayer, and may you be patient, waiting for these seeds to grow and to see for yourselves, the manifestations of God’s blessings within another.

For often it takes time. Often it comes slowly and subtly, but indeed, change does come. For the world is destined to change and each individual soul within it is destined to change. The power of free will will determine much, beloved souls, but the power of Love is even greater and can bring change upon another, given the power of your own faith, that great rock within you of love and faith, compassion and truth. These things can change the world and these things are already changing each of you.

May God bless you on this journey of Love. I am Matthew. I have come to pray with you, as do many in the Celestial Kingdom. May God bless you. May His Love bring you peace, may His love uplift you, may His Love give you insight, and may His Love grow the great aspect of Faith within each soul. God bless you. God bless you dearly. My love is with you.