Spirit: Alec

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: November 16, 2015

Yes, I have been with you, many of you of late. I have been very close and you have been delving into my history, the history of my family and those who have gone before you creating the conditions to nurture and to bring forth souls in the understanding of the Love. And I must tell you that I am working diligently to help open doors for each one of you, to increase your service in this world, and this is done through the nurturing and discovery of your individual gifts and purpose. For each soul is unique. Each soul has a purpose in the world, special gifts to share, their own unique individuality and personality to contribute to the world. The time has come for each one of you to set aside your reluctance, to not be shy or reticent or fearful of what others think of you, but to step boldly into the Light, to express yourselves in clear and beautiful ways in the world.This does not mean that you lack humility for each of you has humility, but it means that each of you recognize and acknowledge the beauty which God has created, which is you, that beautiful being brimming with gifts and insights and beautiful expressions of God’s Love. For if you hide away, if you keep all to yourselves you inhibit your own growth, your own expression of yourselves in the world, which leads to many blessings, my beloveds, not only for you but for many others. For a soul who walks in the Light and carries themselves in the joyous flow of God’s Love will draw many to them and will perceive the many opportunities that God has placed before them in service and Love.

Express yourselves, my friends, do not be idle, do not be fearful, but walk boldly in this world as a Light, a channel of Love and a purveyor of all of God’s great and beautiful gifts that He has placed within you, expressed in all their glory and power and Light.

Beloveds, my friends, Alec is with you. I work with you, I pray for you and I surely love you as my family, for in many ways you are my family. You have and are carrying the torch which was lit by a soul desire within me to seek Truth, and I found Truth and I shared the Truth and I wish for all of you to do the same in your own way and I love you dearly. I love you dearly and I am with you often and when you need help, when you are struggling, call upon me to give assistance and I will be with you and you will know it, you will feel my presence and my love. Yes, it is my blessing to serve you and to help you along in your opening and flowering of God’s beautiful channel of Love in the world.  May you continue on your journey and the great discoveries that are coming are so close. Bless you, my beloved, beloved friends and know that Alec loves you truly and is your brother. God bless you.