Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 14, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings and greetings to you, my friends. I am Orion. May the blessings of God’s Love enter your soul in great abundance for this is the key to the awakening of humanity, as it is and has been the key to awakening all God’s children throughout the universe. It is a universal truth that all of you upon the Earth plane must come to know and acknowledge and seek for, for the power of love is what will open those doors, that will create greater harmony in your world. It’s the power of love which will bring Celestial and otherworldly influence to you. It is the power of love that will ignite the higher levels of awareness and truth and ability that come from the soul, though humanity sees the mind as the ultimate tool that God has given them to manipulate and have dominion over the world. But you have come to see that this tool is flawed and the perceptions of men are incomplete. 

Without the deeper perceptions of the soul and the soul awakened, so these capacities to understand the universe and to utilize these understandings for your benefit are inadequate and incomplete. Without love determining how and in what way you may use the power of your perceptions, where you may utilize your knowledge of the universe, where you may choose how you are with one another, where you may utilize all the elements of the world that God has created to formulate many things, many technologies, many benefits for the well-being of humanity, then these things are not complete nor are they adequate to make a life upon your planet that is harmony with all of life, with all of the universe and all of God’s laws that have been established within the universe.

As you continue to open and grow in this Love, the awakening of your soul, the deeper insights and wisdom and knowledge will come to you. It will come not because you have made great effort to seek it but it will come as this great blessing from God enters into you and with it, opening doors to greater understanding and truth. It flows, my friends. It flows from God. Rather than man being isolated and feeling like he must master the world in order to be safe and whole and strong, each soul comes to realize that it is in the receptivity, even vulnerability of the soul opening to God that the answers come, that the abilities, the gifts, the awakenings all flow with Love.

May you come to see yourselves as the receptacle of many things from God for God has many things to give you, many insights and awakenings and love that will help you to see your life from a different perspective, to see the universe from a wider view, to see all that God is, with insight, deep, deep insight that will assist you to make those choices and steps in your life that will be in greater harmony with all that God has created. 

There will be greater harmony within yourselves as you learn how to love yourselves truly with the highest love acting within you, transforming you, and awakening you. There is so much for humanity to learn, to know, and to grow within. You, my beloved friends, are taking those steps toward this great potential and possibility that is the awakening of humanity, God’s great goal, His great plan to awaken you all in the truth, to bring you all into greater alignment with truth and with His Great Soul.

May you continue to step forward, my friends, and be truly on this path of light and act as God’s agents in the world to bring greater light, to find your place within the flow of His Will, His plan to bring humanity to a higher level of consciousness and awareness, that which is brought about by His Love flowing to all in the universe, connecting all in the universe. So, you will come to know us and many more in the universe as you awaken and open to your true selves and true potentials of the soul.

God bless you, my friends. We are continuing to forge this link, this bond of love. We shall continue to uphold you and support you just as your angel friends are doing with every moment. We continue to awaken to a great possibility and commitment to who and what you are, our brothers and sisters who are struggling and growing and desire greater light, greater truth, and greater love. We are with you. We are with you. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you all upon your journeys. Know that you have friends who walk with you and know you and continue to love you. God bless you. I am Orion. God bless you.