Spirit: John the Beloved
Date: July 4, 2021
Medium: Albert Fike
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May you continue to reside and build your foundation upon the rock of truth. I am John, John the Beloved, and I come to be with you today in prayer.

How important it is to consider your beliefs and that which governs your actions in the world, to have clear within your mind those things that are important and have priority in action. When one builds their foundation upon the rock of truth, one becomes aware and in alignment with truth. In order to do this you must consider those things that are within your consciousness, those things and ideas that you have absorbed in your life in order to make them real within yourself. For you to act upon it, you must come to that place within your soul that will either affirm this truth or reject it. You carry such a place within you, each one of you, so that you may know truth. This knowing does not come from your minds or even from words. It is an understanding that blossoms forth from the center of your being, that part of you that is in alignment with God. For when this alignment is forged as you pray for the gift to receive Divine Love so this ability, the faculty within your soul is one of the first to be awakened and in this awakening you will know truth. You will feel it from the depths of your being and will come to recognize truth when it is spoken, truth when it is experienced, truth in prayer and truth in God’s response to prayer. This comes upon a great wave of light that is God blessing you. It comes as you go deep into your contemplations, considering that which you truly believe so that it may be not just a belief but a knowing. It comes when that knowing is acted upon and expressed in your life and becomes a reflection of the light that you carry within you. All starts with building your foundation upon the rock of truth.

Do not be distracted from this pursuit, for it is of the utmost importance that you not just believe what another says but to bring that within you in prayer and come to know it and absorb it if it is indeed true, for God gives each individual the capacity and the ability to understand His truths, the truth of His creation, the truth of His laws, the Laws of Love. It is not complicated or difficult to understand. Truth in its purity is simple and direct and understandable by your deeper self. When you can come into alignment with this place, you are truly on the road to alignment with God and all that is of God. Make your way upon this road and be His children. Come to know truth as it is, an intimate and personal venture. When this is so within you, at least a semblance of the great truths of God, start to form within you, then you are truly a teacher, a channel of love and light in the world, and you may have the capacity to untangle the complicated understandings of the human condition and mind. As they unravel, so the foundation of truth settles within you and the clarity is yours, truly a gift, truly a gift. 

God will help you to come to that place. We will accompany you to that place and we will help you to absorb within your consciousness, your mind, that what your souls have come to understand. A great strength will emerge from this and a great knowing that will be unshakable. In the light of truth will come your ministry, your purpose, that which God intends for you to do in service to your brothers and sisters. The gift of truth is given in love, the power of God’s Love facilitates the higher truths of the soul and awakens this faculty that allows you to understand with the language of the soul, the perceptions of the soul, and the understanding of the soul.

In this way you truly become a child of God and you, as time passes, grow in this love and become a redeemed child of God, qualified to speak truth that will be given in simple words and loving actions, in the expression of your light and your presence wherever you may be. So much is given to you, beloved souls, as God continues to nurture you upon this road towards truth and towards the awakening of your soul. May you also make great effort upon this road and with this concerted, focused intention in your life so truth will blossom within you with such beauty and depth and magnitude that you cannot but live and speak and be the truth of God’s creation, part of God’s own children in alignment in love and light.

May God bless you upon this journey, beloved souls. I am John and I too pray with you and seek to assist you on your journey towards truth and your journey towards at-onement with God. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you in His love. God bless you.