Spirit: Aramaeus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 5, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings to you, beloved souls. 

My name is Aramaeus and I lived many, many years ago upon the Mediterranean shores. I was a man who was curious of all things and helped to establish various ideas and philosophies about life, both material and spiritual.

I come to speak to you about your challenges upon the earthly plane and specifically about the lessons that may be learned in your earthly life. They are many as you well know. You have experienced many challenges and lessons and you have learned well. You have grown within yourselves as a result of these things that are often difficult to navigate and comprehend. Yet, through the challenges of your earthly plane and what you call the human condition, you begin to realize that the faculties of the mind are not altogether the solutions to your problems. You have come to know that a soul awakened with wisdom and insight and knowledge can bring about many understandings and solutions that are beyond the capacities of the mind to intuit and to understand clearly.

Beloved souls, each of you are gifted by God with many faculties, many more than you have come to realize at this time. In this, God has given you all that you require to navigate whatever challenge may come your way. What may confuse you now will come clearly later as you continue to pray and seek for solutions. 

You have come to accept the journey of life in as much as you realize and embrace, as much as you are able, greater truth and clarity and resolution of all things that are not in harmony with God’s creation and Laws of Love. Although there are many things still residing within you, these residues of the human condition regardless of where you are upon the journey, you are not yet aware. Indeed, God will provide you with the opportunities to be aware and you will experience the discomfort of disharmony, the discomfort of error within your thinking and doing.

This all comes part and parcel with the blessing of Divine Love for the empowerment that comes with Divine Love ensures that you are awakened fully to all those things that are not truly in harmony with the love within your soul. You cannot sidestep this, my friends. Rather, God gives you and empowers you with the courage, the strength, the clarity and the wisdom to see clearly and to act concisely to clear these matters from your personal light and condition.

It comes with the blessing of God’s Love. It comes because you have asked to be purified, to be cleansed from all that which brings you unhappiness and struggle and turmoil. Many of you have barely come upon the road and realized the extent of the human condition and your part of it. So, this understanding, this awareness, often brings ambivalence within you for it is the way of humanity to take the course of least resistance, to not go boldly in confrontation with your own self and bring evermore discomfort and difficulty in your daily life. Rather, you seek the comfort of God. You seek the comfort of His Love bringing to you upliftment and peace. And, this is not wrong. It is truly what God gives to His children, always. But with this gift comes what you might call the other side of the coin. The beauty and upliftment, the peace and wonderment, the insights and sense of connectedness with your Creator are all beautiful experiences that come, and will come to each one of you, no matter the condition you are in at this time provided you continue to pray and are dedicated with sincere praying and longing of the soul. You will come to these things, these beautiful gifts and awakenings that God gives to each one of you through prayer.

Your souls stir and come alive. Your consciousness shifts and comes to that place of truth. Joy wells up within your heart. Peace you will carry as a mantle upon you. Healing and blessings to bring greater comfort to your spirit body and your physical body as well as your mind. Many blessings indeed come to each of you in prayer.

 Indeed, you live upon the earthly plane and you must ensure that you do not continue to walk in error, therefore neutralizing all the blessings that God has given you for that day. Rather, you must strive for something higher. You must come to a great honesty within yourself, a true looking within so that you may realize that in your prayers you might ask God to heal you. You might ask God to give you the strength and the capacity for true forgiveness of yourself. You might ask God for the power of Divine Love which is the great forgiveness of all sin. 

It is a challenging road, my friends. It is a road that brings its highs and its lows. But is this not true of any road upon this earthly plane? Upon this road, the highs are of the highest and the lows are ameliorated by the power of God’s Love. You may go to God at any time for help and assistance. Indeed, God blesses you and sends His angels to be with you. 

Often, when there is great pain within the individual, rather than taking this to God, they hide away in their corner of pain. They believe that if they just endured long enough, that pain will diminish and disappear. But rather, it is that the individual works diligently within their minds to wall off this pain and to not look. This is very unfortunate. For indeed, even pain is a gift. Even this awareness that is oh so difficult, oh so challenging to the individual is a great gift. It is a doorway to freedom as you continue to confront and see those things within you and bring this to God and ask God to bless you with His Love, neutralizing these things and assisting you in awakening to a higher place and releasing those shackles and burdens that are upon you.

So, it will come to be. God is the source of all light and goodness, all healing and gifts. He creates love. He is love. He creates all that is in harmony with His universe. So, He wishes for you to be in harmony with His universe. He also wishes for you to be in harmony with His Soul for He has gifted you with a soul that has the capacity to be in harmony and alignment with His Soul. He has gifted you with the gift of His Essence that will bring you into harmony with His Soul.

All things are possible with God. All blessings are given through prayer, earnest prayer to God. Though you may not see and recognize what God has given you in any particular prayer, I assure you that a sincere prayer is a powerful lever that will lift the burdens of darkness upon you. This will come as you continue to progress upon the earthly plane and will come as you transition into the world of spirit where you will be empowered and have the great truth to seek the highest, the greatest blessings from God. So, they will come here and wherever you may reside and be, in whatever condition you are in and whatever place you find yourself. God has not abandoned you or left you in any way but will continue to strive to bring you into harmony with His great creation, His great universe, His Great Soul.

May you find yourself in that place of harmony. May you truly savour those times of deep blessings and peace. May you truly pray for more of those times. As you do so, may you allow yourselves to release those conditions that inhibit and repress you, that take you from God and reinforce the human condition. You and God will work together as your angel friends as intermediaries in order to heal your soul and your mind, your body and your spirit body. All things, all aspects of yourself may be healed by God given the appropriate prayer, given the desire, the true desire within you to be healed and awakened, to know and express the power of love, the wonderment of love, the beauty of love, to feel deeply within you and throughout yourself the great joy that is the Love that awakens the soul, that awakens the spirit, that awakens the mind to that place of true knowing and true harmony.

I thank you for listening to my speech today. I will come again. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. I am part of all of those who are working with you in all your endeavours, in all your prayers together, in all your prayers singly. Know that there is a vast number of angels who are with you, working with you, and who have a deep desire to lift and inspire, to bring truth and wisdom so that you may truly contemplate the road to healing, to at-onement with God, to true joy within yourself that comes with the great gift of God’s Love.

God bless you. I am Aramaeus and I am very happy to be with you today. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.