Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Matthew and I wish to speak about the differences of perception between the material mind and that of the mind of the soul. Most who inhabit your world and walk along a particular path of progression in their spiritual understanding, will utilize the faculties of their minds to discern truth. The material mind desires order and logic and what makes sense from the perspective of the material world. Therefore, their concepts of spirituality reflect these elements within the mind. The mind is a powerful tool. It also can manifest powerful realities, projecting from the source of the individual certain ideals and realities that confirm and reinforce a particular belief.

Thus, those who progress into the spirit world continue to project these perceptions which they believe are of truth, creating even in the spirit world a reality that is in sync with those around them who also believe and project similar realities, creating what they believe is a real world within the world of God’s Creation. So, many beliefs, religions and ideals that are commonly held in this world of yours, are mental constructs of many spirits who carry this belief. But it is not of God, my beloveds, this is of man. Man does not understand his own power to create and project certain realities, well-furnished in every respect, real to the individual that perceives it but not a true reality, for only God creates the Truth, the real world, the world of His Creation.

Thus it requires a developed soul, a soul able to see clear of the mind to that Truth that is of God. The soul awakens with the blessing of God’s Essence, the Divine Love, so that all becomes clear in time and that the illusions of the mind fade away and in its place comes the clear and eternal perceptions of the soul. With this comes a great joy because with an awakened soul in Love, comes great joy and powerful perceptions, perceptions that are in harmony and in sync with God. In this way, as spirits and mortals progress, they are able to come into the Kingdom of God, the Celestial Realms, as a soul is purified by this Love, awakened by this Love, and expanded by this Love.

Rather than the power of the mind and thought that informs so many in your world, it is the power of Love that awakens the Truth. So it is very difficult for humanity to come to that place of true knowing, for the mind is revered and acknowledged and cultivated, whereas the soul is often neglected and unrecognized. Thus, we from the Celestial Kingdom come to you beloved souls, to assist you, to inspire you, to uplift you, to show you the way to the awakening of the soul, so that true reality may come, the Truth may be what you aspire to know, to live, to acknowledge on your way to at-onement with God.

The road of the mind aspiring towards perfection is a long and arduous road, my beloveds. It requires tedious attention to many, many details, furnishing the reality of the mind, expressing this reality in all that is in the realms of man. When the soul aspires to God to receive the Essence of God, the Truth of the soul is ignited. The power of the soul is realized through the inflow of this Love, this continuous, cleansing, healing, awakening process that brings one to new reality, a reality devoid of error, a reality that is of God, perfect and beautiful, filled with Love and joy. This light, brighter than all lights, beyond what any individual may create for themselves, is this reality of God. So we encourage you, beloved souls, to walk this path of Love, to absorb the blessings of God which is Love, and all that comes with this great gift that awakens the great chambers of your soul, the capacities and abilities and perceptions of your soul.

This is the Truth that we teach. This is the reality that we nurture and desire, that all souls may relinquish their hold upon that which is made from man, and adopt that which is of God. In this way, all conflicts and problems and imbalances and inharmonies will disappear in your world and all worlds. For the power of love is immense, the power of the soul is true to God’s Creation when blessed by this Love. May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls and awaken you, awaken you deeply. May you come to know the desires of your souls, the longings of your souls, the awareness of your souls, so that what I speak of will have its power and truth in your consciousness. For there is much to know, beloveds, much to discover, much to realize upon this journey of love. God bless you, beloveds. I am Matthew and my love is with you. God bless you.