Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 14, 2024
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

May there be many gifts my friends. I am Orion. These gifts are developed and come about in many different ways. As we have said many times, it is the core light within your soul that helps to ignite many gifts of the soul. These gifts need an avenue of expression through your spirit and your physicality, and that is accomplished in many ways as well. 

When you are out in and close to the Earth, we utilise elements that are of the ocean, the land and the air to help develop within you and within various levels of your being, a clear channel of the expression of your soul’s gifts. When you pray together such as this we take advantage of the psychic and spiritual energies that are generated as you are together. So that these things may be utilised to help awaken various aspects and centres of your spiritual being and physical being. When you are with others, not necessarily with this group, when you are with family, when you are with your friends and acquaintances and there is harmony amongst you we utilise chemicals and energies that are a part of their being as we utilise the same that is a part of your being and there is an interchange, a blessing that comes. This is why it is important that you are out in the world in all these elements and aspects of worldly life. For each carries a blessing, an advantage, an opportunity for your own development and for your own channel of love and blessings for others.

We continue on with this work, this great work of development of fine tuning and honing the various aspects of your being, bringing all that is within you in great alignment with all that is of God, all that is of light and all of us in the universe whether we be in spirit or in the flesh, together into harmony. It is a complex task, one which you need not know all the details. But I wish to remind you that when you enter into the world as a light, when you are open and eager to be a channel of love, then these many opportunities can be taken advantage of by those who gather around you in spirit who assist you, to protect you and guide you and also to utilise your gifts and utilise the gifts of others for your benefit. 

God has put many layers of blessings, of expression, of elements within every thing that He has created and these things may be used and utilised and taken advantage of. For they are there waiting for your openness, your receptivity to these blessings. There have been cultures in the past that understand this more readily, especially in terms of the natural energetic elements and conditions that God has created for the benefit of humanity. Their sensitivity allowed them to see to a certain level what is available to them, and they utilise these things to their benefit. 

It is time for you, beloved souls, as you continue to journey upon this path of love, of soul awakening, that you, too, may benefit from the elements of the Earth, the elements of God’s creation. As you receive more of the great gift of God’s Love, it purifies your soul and it helps to purify all parts of you. In this way, you are able to absorb and be blessed by these various elements of which I speak. As you grow in the light, as you grow within, you are a receptive being, integrating and being a part of the world of God’s creation and that, as I have said, has many aspects and elements to it.

Imagine if all of humanity could be open in this way, awakened in their souls, intermingling and moving within the Earth, giving and receiving, being the transmission of blessings and absorbing blessings. How different your world would be and how very blessed and in harmony your world would be. Unfortunately, the vast majority are closed and ignorant of these things. Some are sensitive and can see and are indeed a wonderful example to follow. You, my beloved friends, have the ultimate gift, the ultimate perception of the truth that is God’s Love. May you share this with those who know other truths and other aspects of life, that they too may benefit, that this gift may enhance their gifts. This gift may open many more doors to their perceptions and experiences to the blessings that may come.

Yes, the work is great and the time is short. So I ask you once again, as do your angel friends, as does God in His beautiful, loving ways asks you to be attuned to all the beautiful aspects that God has created within you. Allow them to be in alignment. Allow them to be in harmony as you continue to seek this love. It will be a magnificent force when you allow this alignment to take place,  allowing you to understand, to perceive, to truly know, the many elements that God has placed in your environment and all around you that you may benefit from. 

There is much to know and see, my friends. I urge you to open your eyes, to be more sensitive, to love all of God’s creation, to love your brothers and sisters and, most of all, to love yourself. In this way it opens the door and helps to purify, making translucent those parts of you that once were so heavy and polluted by various human conditions that are now responding and opening because of this great gift of love within your soul. 

Be in harmony with the laws of love, the laws of your creation and be at peace, my friends. Be at peace. We all journey together in light. We are all God’s children in this light. We shall know all the wonders of God’s creation in time. For we have all eternity to journey within this light, within the light of His love, all eternity, my friends. How magnificent is this to walk on this road with ever greater insight, joy, perception, love, wisdom, peace? God bless you, my friends. I am Orion and my love is with you always, beloved souls, always. God bless you.