Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 22, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

You continue to embark upon your travels, beloved souls. You have a desire and inclination to do so in the world, to take advantage of the opportunities that are before you to place yourselves in various locations in your world. Remember,  that we also play a part in guiding you forth in this way, no matter the purpose of that journey which may at times be mundane and at other times have great purpose. There is a spiritual component to these efforts to move in the world, to connect with others, to be a channel of love wherever you are. So remember that God is using you at every moment of every day.

When it is fortuitous that you travel and move about upon your world, there are great opportunities to be used as a channel of love and light. Dedicate each day in service. Dedicate your time in love and openness, allowing whatever it is that God wills for you at that very moment to be manifest. Desire this. Seek it out. Though on the surface you may be engaged in activities that are not altogether spiritual, there is another layer of expression that is the soul following God’s Will, being a beacon and channel of light. No moments are wasted for it is important to bring the light wherever you are.

Do not allow yourselves to be engaged in negative thoughts or reactive conditions in the world. Rather, continue to be elevated in your thoughts and your intentions. In this way, God may use you more effectively. When all is in alignment within you, so this is the most effective way to be a channel of love, light, and truth. We do not ask you to be a preacher, or minister, or someone who is regaling others of the truth. In your world, such efforts often create barriers and rejection. Instead it is a deeper way, a way of sowing the seeds in the souls of your brothers and sisters. God does so through the light that you bring and the angels that accompany you. There is an influence, an outflowing of love and a touching of soul that harkens the soul to God.

This may not be consciously recognized by you or that individual to which you are embracing, but all feel a sense of upliftment, of light, of clearing the air so to speak. This is important. Each opportunity that God puts before you, beloved souls, brings its blessing, its test, and its opportunity to learn and refine your capacities and gifts as a channel of love.

Do not waste your days, beloveds. Do not idle away your time in pursuits that are mundane. Rather, seize the opportunities of each day to be a channel of love. Use this time in prayer, in actions that are of love and service, in reaching out to your brothers and sisters. Though it is not feasible for every moment of your day to be active in the ways that I speak of, you may set yourself in a condition and intention of prayer for every moment. This may not necessarily be of a conscious wordful prayer, merely a desire, an intention set to God that He may use you as a channel for every moment.

In this way, no matter what you do, what you may set your mind upon in your activities in life, God will use you to bring a blessing, some light, something forward that is of His Will, an expression through your soul. Remember this, beloveds. Remember that God’s deep desire for each one of you is that you may be in alignment with His Great Soul and allow the flow of His Love to be continuous and powerful and effective in the world. Provided you are in agreement with God’s desire and wish to align yourself in this way, you will be surprised at what opens.

What steps you take lead to other steps that lead to other steps that are progressive and bring you upwards into the light. There is much work for each of you to do, no matter where you are or what you were doing, God has much work for you. May the power of the love within your souls inform you of this with each moment, that you may  have a sense that even as you breathe in your sleep, that with every exhale, there is light. There is something going forth into the world as God uses you as His channels, instruments, harbingers of Truth.

You have no way of knowing the true capacities of your soul at this time, but it does come ever so slowly into your consciousness. If you place your focus upon this, you will begin to see some of the intricacies of the mechanisms of your soul in action, in use by God, utilizing these great gifts and faculties, capacities, energies, light in many different ways. May you be blessed with insight, wisdom, discernment, and a deep desire to continue to grow in God’s Love. To awaken fully and to be that instrument that you know that you might be given God’s Blessings, given what is fully blessed upon you.

Beloved souls, you are truly in the Light. You continue to serve. In this service, there is joy and there is also balance. God does not tax you overly so. God gives you the opportunity to rest, reclaim your energy, to be in harmony with your own body and mind and being. You will continue to grow and awaken to these things which I have expressed to you today. Those lofty gifts that you so aspire towards will come as you grow in the Father’s Love. There is nothing you might do other than to be in alignment, other than to desire to serve, to be God’s instruments and channels in this world. With this all else will fall into place and open ever so gradually, and indeed, stepping forward and coming to fruition in time.

God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine loves you so, continues to walk with you. God bless you. God bless you.