Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 24, 2020
Location: Gibson, BC

Beloved friends, I am Joseph. A new day is dawning, a new era for humanity to right the wrongs, to heal error, to bring light into your world, not by all the plans and efforts of man alone but with the blessings of God pouring upon your Earth and awakening humanity from its slumbers. 

A new dawn awakens with the great plan for the salvation of humanity that is now being activated and working within the hearts of every soul upon your world. The light is dawning slowly but surely on each and every one of you. The transformation of your world begins. It is by God’s edict that you will all be a part of a growing light and consciousness of humanity to awaken to aspirations and actions that are of a higher nature and are elicited by your souls, that humanity will come to that place where the soul will come to inform each and every one that there is something more to each child upon your world, that there is the capacity, the invitation, the challenge by God to come to Him with the awakening of their own souls.

God is making this possible for a choice will be given to each soul upon your world, a choice to awaken, a choice to go beyond the mundane grayness of your world and its condition to something of greater light and harmony. Each of you feel this calling. Each of you knows in your heart a need to respond to God, to God’s Will for you that you may come into greater harmony and light, that you may know the joys of His Love, that you may see beyond the shuttered views of your mind opening to the expanse of soul awareness, of soul mind. 

These things are coming. They are dawning within each and every one of you. As you continue to pray as you do, so you help amplify God’s voice in the world to bring this invitation forward, to help God touch many souls for this is the answer that humanity seeks. Though through their limited thoughts and ideas, they cannot comprehend God’s great plan and intentions. Still that bell tolls within the hearts of all that says, “Come to me. Come to the Truth that all is of love and that my Love shall heal the heartbreaks of humanity and bring peace to all.”

You are called, beloved souls, to continue to pray for your brothers and sisters. Continue to express love wherever you go. At every moment in your lives, may you resonate love for this is the way of the new age of man. This is the way of the dawning truth that will come to each soul. To exemplify this is to hear God’s call to truth and to love and to light.

You are deeply blessed, beloved souls. You are coming to know yourselves in ways that were a mystery in the past but now is coming clear awakening so much within you, bringing this clear and joyous truth to all parts of your being. You are truly children of God and you are the vanguards as are many others who will usher in this new age of the awakened soul for this is what must be and will be for God has decreed it so. God will insure that all comes to light and harmony and truth. 

God bless you, beloved souls. We honour your efforts, your soulful desires to be instruments of God, to assist God in awakening humanity. May you come to see yourselves as these instruments, harbingers of truth. May you awaken more fully in His gift of Love. May you see yourselves upon this path to at-onement with God and be in alignment with all that is and will be in light.

God bless you, beloveds souls. I am Joseph and I come to acknowledge you in your great efforts, in your light, and the love that shines within your souls. God bless you. God bless you, beloved, beloved souls.