Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 06, 2019
Location: Sydney, AU

This is Matthew. God is nurturing many souls in the world. He has brought many souls to Light and has a great plan for each one so that they may fulfill a purpose, they may be within the flow of His Purpose and Plan. When a soul is at a certain point of ripeness, of flowering, and in a place of truth and knowledge and wisdom, so they are ready to be set for us upon this journey of service and love. 

In that journey, given time and circumstance, they will touch other souls who are also upon this journey of service, who are also of Light, and who are also at a certain point of maturity and power of the spiritual. So you see, beloved souls, given God’s timing and God’s Plan, you upon your journeys are beginning to make important contacts with others. It took the time to mature and awaken to a certain point in order to be receptive to those others and for them to be receptive to you. 

As you continue in this journey of awakening and connecting, of forging bonds, relationships of sharing your gifts, of being clear and strong within that flow of who you are and what you are meant to be in the world. So you cross paths with many others and you create a network, crisscrossing back and forth, a lattice of light that becomes strong, that brings an influence into the world. 

As you are strengthened in this process of merging together with others who are also gifted, do you not see how perfect God’s timing is? Do you not see that in your meeting of the two precious souls, there was a recognition, an excitement, a knowing that this was indeed a meeting that was meant by God? So this will go and be over and over again, this recognition, this meeting, this forging of bonds and mutual understanding. 

Though with each individual you meet you may not see the world as one. Your experiences, your different soul makeup and those aspects of soul awakened, are not identical to those others whom you meet. But nonetheless, there is an awakening to the Truth that you have found a brother and a sister, those who are also engaged in the work of helping to awaken humanity to Truth. 

In the joy of this recognition, the soulful understanding that you share, you have strengthened your numbers. You have come to a place where you are willing to accept and enjoin those who are within that flow that is God guided. Do you not need the support of others? Do you not recognize that you are strengthened in numbers and that you will find a way to work together despite differences of mind? 

There is the power of each soul that recognizes another and forges the bonds of fellowship and mutual support and work. You have been told recently that the work begins in earnest. This innocent meeting is an example of how God’s plans will begin to come together and gel in its expression. You will see instantly what it is that you were meant to do together, how you are meant to work together. 

As long as you continue to pray to be of service, to allow God to use you and guide you, so the details, what will come to your meetings and your mutual expressions, will be God’s guidance and will unfold accordingly, again in His timing, in the grace and flow of God’s Plan. Be heartened, my beloved souls, that you have come to the place where you are willing and open and are equipped to be an effective partner in a network that is diligent and earnest to bring light to the world. You may add your part, add your truth, and do so with loving intention and harmony. 

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls, a journey that will bring in many others as you forge these links of love and truth and service. May God bless you, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply. I am Matthew.