Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 19, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

My beloved children, I am your teacher Augustine. You are experiencing many blessings at this time as you have isolated yourselves from many conditions that you normally are treated in your lives. You have created a buffer between you and the negative conditions of your world. In this way, God may reach you more readily provided you are reaching towards God.

These conditions have been created as a result of changes within the world and conditions that are responding to the human condition. You are in a unique situation, something never before experienced in your world, something that has the potential to make great change in your world for the better. I urge you to take advantage of your circumstance to be in prayer, to walk in your world eliciting the Light of God into your hearts and souls, His Love.

You may be embraced more often in this condition for where are you going that brings to you dark conditions? In your present life, you have choice, complete choice, as to what you may indulge yourself in. In this way you have the opportunity to see and recognise your own choices, to not be so fully distracted in your mind that you cannot delineate between your thoughts and all the stimulation that is outside of you.

So you have a gift, the gift of self-awareness and for some of you, the gift of being alone. In this gift, there is a test, is there not?  To see if you may choose to be uplifted by reaching out to God or to indulge yourself in a sense of loneliness and isolation. Is this not a great gift from God, helping you to see, to experience, and to recognise your own true inner condition. That there are no excuses, no rationalisations, no ways in which you may put upon another the reasons for your own difficulties and flaws?

Now I urge you beloved souls, to go to God, to bring into your heart the greatest friend you can ever know, that of God and His Love reaching toward your heart in His efforts to comfort you, to love you, to embrace you and to bring the warmth of Love into you. This will uplift you in any circumstance and conditions you might find yourselves in. The power of God’s Love to uphold you in Light, to uplift you within your mind, your heart, and your soul, to be in that Great Flow, that great River of God’s Love, so that you may focus upon yourself and those who are close to you in ways of love and nurturing. To express what you call positive thoughts to your loved ones, to do for one another in loving expressions and kindness and joy.

These are the possibilities laid before you. It is your choice to choose the high road, the road of Light, the way of Light. You have been taught much and you have been given much. God has poured upon you every conceivable blessing. You have the knowledge to realise that there is a choice, that the possibilities in your life are not limited, but have opened in a certain direction, a certain way to help you realise your true selves, to help you realise a relationship with your soul and a relationship with God.

These great blessings have been made possible by unfortunate events. Yet, God utilises every circumstance to help uplift His children, to bring greater Truth, to bring greater Love and advancement of the soul to each individual. You are all experiencing a great gift in your lives. May you come to realise this and to release your fears, your concerns about the future, and to remain in the present of this gift of God’s Presence within your life at this very moment. At all moments of your day and night, God is there, God is there and wants you to be with Him, to trust in Him, to know His Love in ever greater measure, to recognise those parts of you that are enduring and has the potential to be eternal.

These moments that you experience now, some which you consider are very inconvenient and make you vulnerable in a material way, are fleeting almost to the point of being irrelevant. What is relevant is your relationship with your soul and with God. These are the experiences and opportunities that are most important at this time. Are any of you lacking in comfort, in sustenance? Are you unsafe? No, my beloveds, you are safe and will remain so. But I urge to be with God as intensely and profoundly as you are able. For God will give to you all that you require and will guide you in ways that will astonish you and opening doors that will surprise you. These things await each one of you, beloved souls.

May you continue to allow God to work His wonders and miracles in your life, to bring His Love and blessings to all in your life and to this world which is so rapidly changing and evolving. Trust that God has His plan in action. It is in motion and affecting you all. This, beloved souls, is a great gift. May you see your lives at this time as a great gift. May you utilise this opportunity to grow in great strength spiritually within your souls for this is God’s desire for each one of you. You will be blessed, beloved souls, over and over.  You will be gifted with many blessings and awareness’s, visions and understanding, Love and joy. So much is offered to His children who He loves beyond your ability to understand.

May God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I too stand by your side as you continue to ponder who you are, where you are, and with whom you desire to be with. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. Augustine loves you. God bless you.