Spirit: Victoria, once Queen of England
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 25, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Victoria, once the Queen of England. My beloved friends, you have no idea how many spirits are interested in your work and what you may accomplish through your efforts of communication. To do so in this way, having these beautiful and bright angelic spirits with you in your circle is exciting indeed and something that is rare upon your Earth. In my day on Earth, I understood the possibilities of spirit communication. Though I did indeed come to be a part of certain circles, these circles were not of the high calibre and light that you proliferate here. And so, this excites many of us in the world of spirit who see the possibilities and potentials that may come with your efforts and your gifts to bring the wisdom of the world of spirit forward to the peoples of your Earth.

Continue in your efforts, my friends. Continue to seek, to work with these high spirits in Light, to bring the Truths of Love and God, of soul, of beauty, of harmony to your world, for this is what is sorrowfully needed. So many, I see so many in your world are lost. They walk like they are not alive. They only go through the motions and doing so without thought or meaning or depth of desire or soulful expressions of light. This concerns those of us who look upon your world and despair of the darkness, how lost and alone so many are. And yet, when we see those of you in Light and your efforts to reach for God, to reach for the high planes and heavens, to bring this to Earth, we are hopeful and joyful and wish to do whatever we may and can for your efforts.

Beloved souls, we will pray for you and if we are able to support you and be with you in these efforts, so there will be many, many who have a deep desire to serve all who live upon your world. Continue my friends, beloved and beautiful souls, to serve God in love, to seek for the highest truth, and to be together in light so that many blessings may flow and pour upon this Earth so parched, so in need of the refreshing waters of the Father’s Love.

God bless you, my friends, I am Victoria and my love is with you. May God bless you, beautiful souls.