Spirit: Aaron
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 18, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

I am Aaron. I’ve been with you in your conversations and your musings about the complications and difficulties of your earthly life. Grappling with the human condition will always be your challenge, it will always set forth those dilemmas that are a part of human life. In my day, I and my brother Moses had various challenges to overcome. Those stories are known even today, and Moses was the sensitive one, though you wonder about this, the way he is portrayed in the Bible. He was the one to get guidance from God. He was the one with an open soul seeking the truth, and he was guided. Yet who was the one who protected and guarded my brother? It was I, with my strength and fortitude, clarity, loyalty, those things within me that gave me the capacities to walk in the world and make those decisions and efforts that ensured the safety and integrity of my brother.

We were a team, he and I, and as such, God used both of our gifts in order to lead our people. Indeed, that journey was arduous and filled with complications and challenges, more so than anything that you have discussed today. Yet our great strength between us was that we had faith in God, that we had faith in God‘s guidance, that we had faith in the journey that we were meant to take. Indeed, despite the many pitfalls and dangers of this journey, we came to what you have come to know as the promised land, and we resided there.

So it is with you, my friends, for you must walk the journey that God has designated for you, and upon that journey are indeed pitfalls and dangers. There are those who would bring aspirations of darkness towards you. There are those who love and support you. There are many souls in between these two conditions of darkness and light. Thus, as you experience your daily interactions with others, these individuals are within the continuum of the human condition. Yet each who you have encountered brings you a gift, the gift of their own individuality and personality, perspective, their spiritual condition, their needs and their wants, and all of these things that make them human.

Each of you have elected to be an instrument for God, and the way that instrumentality is expressed is unique for each one of you. Your journey is unique. How you are in the world is unique. Yet each of you wishes to be a leader, an example, a light in the world. By doing so, you open the door to these many experiences with others. You are part of a flow of experience and learning, of cultivating wisdom and love. 

This does not mean that the journey is easy or uncomplicated, though I know each of you wish for simplicity, and to walk in the world in such a way that things are readily accomplished without the complexities of the human condition. I say to you, beloved and beautiful souls, at times that need is fulfilled, but often you are challenged. With each challenge, given the right attitudes, perspectives, deep faith, deep appreciation for God and love for God, and for your brothers and sisters, you will bring light. You will accomplish what your soul has set out to do, the soul that decided to be that light, that instrument, before you were even incarnated upon the Earth.

Yet your mind finds these challenges vexing, difficult, distracting. You would like to put your energies, thoughts and  efforts into that which from your perspective is productive. But how do you know it is productive? How do you know? Is it part of the great flow of God‘s plan and Will for humanity? You do not have the soul discernment and perception that will give you this insight. Rather, you must have trust and faith in the guidance, the flow of God‘s Will in your life and, as such, the individuals that come within your orbit and your experience. You must be open and ready to learn, to be a part of, to express, to love, so that that individual’s life, which God has guided to you, may also benefit from your instrumentality, your desire to be a Channel for God, a Channel of Light and Love and Truth. You may not see instant results gratifying to your ego and your mind but, indeed, as you accept the invitation that God has given you through that individual, so you will find that there will be a benefit to you and to them. 

That benefit may be surprising. It may be very different from what you intend or expect, yet, that benefit will come. A blessing will be given because you have elected to love over judgment, to embrace over rejection, to be strong in light rather than engaged in the human condition. In this way you grow stronger, you grow stronger in many ways. You grow strong in discernment, you grow strong in wisdom, you grow strong in love, and other gifts within your soul begin to open as your soul grows strong in love, the great Essence of God.

My gift was strength. I upheld my brother and I upheld my brothers and sisters. I was a rock of strength. I did not waiver. I trusted in the Will of God, and I was acknowledged for that strength. Each of you, to some degree, have this strength. Each of you are gifted, each of you can be used as God’s instruments in many ways. So, rather than feel downtrodden by the challenges of life, I suggest to you, my brothers and sisters, that you have great gratitude and enthusiasm for each experience, each individual, each situation that comes your way. Because, in truth, they are a gift from God, and they are given to you for a reason and a purpose.

There are days when you are deeply challenged, and there are days when you are deeply gratified. Yet in terms of the quality and weight of those days, is one different from the other? Certainly, in tone and condition they are. In terms of your feelings and perspectives of them, they are. For in terms of the weight of the gift that God has given to you, they are equal. Think of each day as a gift. Think of the possibilities that each day may give. Ask God to guide you, to uphold you, to show you the way through the maze of these conditions, the conditions of life, and you will find deep gratification, deep wisdom and understanding and joy in every day. For, indeed, with a soul awakened, part of the truth of love, giving in love, there must be joy, for as the soul gives, so there is joy.

My beautiful and beloved brothers and sisters, each one of you lights in the world, each one of you seeking the fellowship, the solace, the wisdom, the acceptance of one another. I say to you, you are given many gifts and one of them is this fellowship. You shall grow by it and come to benefit from it, and God will bless you with each and every day with many things, many things. 

May God bless you, my friends. May His Love pour into your souls. May you long for this and may you grow with it. I am Aaron and my love is with you. Be strong, be of the light, and express the truth in everything. God bless you. My love is with you.