Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 7, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I come. I am Jesus. I come to pray with you and uphold you in your efforts. I come because I am with you in these efforts. I make efforts to assist you in the endeavours that you are engaged within. I wish to assure you that progress is being made as you continue to pray, the unfolding of these gifts and events that will bring the Truth of God’s Love to the world and that we are forging many links and chains of light between you and others and the many who are a part of God’s plan. Indeed these chains will grow, these links will be forged and they will be strong, not in constricting you, but in linking you together, in bringing the opportunities and situations that will open doors, possibilities to work together, to be truly as God’s instruments working in concert and harmony together.

May you continue to be open with your thoughts, desires, and intentions to seek out God’s Will, to know God’s Will within your hearts, minds, and your souls so that you may act accordingly and in harmony with His Will for each of you has a role to play. Each of you are an important link within this great chain. Though you may not see yourselves from this perspective and you look about through a material life and consider that there is nothing exceptional about it. Yet indeed, on many levels and different dimensions of your existence, you are acting as valuable links, channels, actors in this great plan that God has put in place for this world.

In time, these things will be more obvious and more conscious. There will be material actions and deeds that will be powerful in their expression and in harmony with God’s Will and plan. For now, it is a matter of faith to carry this intention and desire with deep faith within your souls and deep trust within your minds and deep joy within your hearts. In this way, you continue to allow the great flow of God’s Will acting through you.

Be joyful, my beloved brothers and sisters. Be joyful as you continue to approach each day as an opportunity to be a channel of love and light in the world, as an opportunity to grow in greater light and love, as an opportunity to come to know God’s Will in a deeper way. Walk with us, beloved souls. Walk with us in joy. Walk in deep desire to serve and to be in harmony with all that is of light. In this way, each day will bring its blessings and surprises and gifts.

There are no forces upon this world of yours that can curtail these efforts or keep you away from your acts of service and desire to be in harmony with God’s Will. It is only those niggling fears within your minds, those doubts that you carry, those desires to be more overt in your actions, and at times, desiring to be more recognized by others. Beloved souls, true recognition comes from God. True action comes from the beginnings of prayer to the expressions of intention and desire, to the enactment to these things guided by God. The enactment may be simple as a thought or maybe as complex as concerted efforts to travel this world. 

Each day brings its promise, each day the opportunity to serve. Who is to say that a simple act and thought is more powerful than your presence in some part of the world where others are in need and desire for you to be with them? It is not for you to judge or to assess what it is that is true service to God. It is merely to enact your prayers and desire to fulfill that service in whatever way and capacity God deems is in harmony with His plan and His Will.

The door is open for you, beloved souls. Some are startling in their scope. Some are very subtle indeed. But each day will bring to you opportunities, as many as you desire, as many as you are willing to be in alignment with, to synchronize your day, your thoughts, your expressions with the Will of God. 

May you continue to uphold one another, uphold these efforts, and be true channels of your Heavenly Father’s Will and Light and Love. We are all together in this potent desire to serve God and shall continue to seek the unfoldment of God’s Will in all the myriad ways that it is expressed, moment-by-moment, day-by-day.

 Beloved souls, I am with you in your efforts as are many. I walk with you as do many. Beloveds, may God’s great Love infill your souls awakening you further to all that is awaiting you, all that is meant to be within you, to flow through you, to be expressed in your lives as God’s servants.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend Jesus and I am with you. God bless you.