Spirit: Ramses II
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

My friends, I am Ramses the Second, the father of she who has just spoken. When I walked the Earth, I was a man of great privilege. In fact, I was considered divine in my status on your Earth, a king of many in what you call Egypt. So I had great privilege and wealth, great power and prestige. I lived a life of luxury like none other in my time. I had every want and need provided. I lived as few men have lived in your world.

When my time had come to pass into the world of spirit, as you can well imagine, my expectations were great and I expected to continue on in this privileged life. Oh, how disappointed I was when I came to a very mundane existence with no prestige at all, no sense of greatness, no wealth, nothing. For although my soul was not particularly dark, nor was it particularly enlightened so I progressed to the greyness of the first sphere as you know it. Yet, even I who was lost to a degree eventually found my way into greater light because of those generous and beautiful souls, spirits, who helped those of us who are lost and unsure of what direction to move towards, came to me and helped me to progress.

My beautiful daughter, the princess, is the beautiful soul that has helped me in the greatest way. She has shown me the power and beauty of my own soul, and how I must use the desires of my soul to reach the Great Source of All. So I gave up my old beliefs and have come to this place of understanding the Truth of God, knowing His Love, knowing how even I who was so deluded may come to the Truth, may come to Light and Love.

Yes, I had many obstacles to overcome, attitudes to change, thoughts to bring into alignment with Truth. I had to know and learn how to be humble, how to think of others rather than sustain this selfish attitude that I had developed in my life on Earth. Now I see that service, that being one who may assist and help others, others in your Earth plane or in the world of spirit, is a great joy and a great upliftment to my soul.

So I encourage each one of you to learn to be a servant to your brothers and sisters, to learn that in this way when you give of your heart to another, when you see the needs of another and have the means to fulfill and uplift that individual in some way, you are doing the Will of God. In doing the Will of God, you are being blessed by God and you will come to know deep blessings from God.

Now I have come to love God, to see myself as a mere mortal who has become a mere spirit who is now on his way and has come to that place of redemption in the Celestial Kingdom. Now I assist others to find their way to this wondrous place provided by God, given in His Love as His Love is accepted into your heart.

I have had an unusual journey indeed but a great lesson is learned by my example. Even those in great power who think that they are great within themselves, but yet within their souls they are hollow and without love, may find their way to the great halls of Light, the great blessings of God, the forgiveness that comes with Love. This is my story. I am happy to come today to speak to you on the heels of my beloved daughter who is a great Light, a shining Light. Even in the Heavens, her brightness is great and beautiful.

You are very blessed to have her as one of your guiding Lights, as are all of us who continue to learn from those who are more progressed than ourselves, greater Lights than us, those of us who continue to strive for ever greater Love and expansion of our souls upon this Divine Path, this road to God.

God bless you, my friends. I am Ramses the Second and I am happy to speak to you today. May your path be filled with Light. May your hearts be filled with joy. May you come to know the humility and the joy that comes with service and loving your brothers and sisters. I am happy to speak to you and share my story. God bless you and keep you in His Light. Blessings to you.