Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 17, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Mary. I come to be with my beautiful children of God who are seeking His Love, who continue to reach out to Light, who continue to work to dissipate the darkness. Know that I am close to you, my beautiful brethren. You may seek me out when you are in need. When you have sorrow, come and shed your tears and I will help you and uplift you. When you are confused, come and ask for clarity and I will bless you with peace and insight. When you are lost and feel alone, know that I will come and comfort you for you are my children, my beloved, beloved children. My love is with you, all of you, that you may indeed reach out to me or to all spirits of the Celestial Kingdom and of course to God who has all blessings and Love for you.

There is so much available to you, beloved children, that no matter what situation you are in, condition, emotion, thought condition that you carry, know that these things can be healed. As you continue to pray for the gift of God’s Love, that in this prayer you draw to yourselves all the comfort and love and joy and peace and tranquility that you may require.

None of us will hold back from you, beloved souls, but do our utmost to uplift you, to help you navigate your world, to help you be in light. In your hour of need, know that you are not alone. We will be with you. We are always with you, beloved souls. It is for you to open your eyes, to reach out with the tenderness of your heart, to be in that condition of soul that will allow you to be present with us in a conscious way.

So you will discover many friends from the Celestial Kingdom who are eager to be with you, whose love for you is great, whose care for you is deep, and who will make it all the time required to help you and assist you as you pray to be blessed by the Heavenly Father. So he sends His Angels by your side. So he brings the Light of His Love that you may drink of this Light, your souls may open and expand in this Light, the Light of this Love pouring forward comforting, embracing, healing.

My beautiful beloveds, my love for you is great. I have deep caring and within my thoughts and prayers, you are present, always present. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Mary and I love you.