Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 4, 2019
Location: Waianae, Oahu

Question: We have received many teachings about the process of becoming a medium. The question has come up again, how do you become a medium?


One has the gift of mediumship and that gift may be expressed in many different ways and through many different avenues depending on the nature of the individual medium. As we have said to you many times that the gifts of the individual are indeed unique and that these gifts in combination with other gifts bring forth a unique expression of the soul in service and in love to their brothers and sisters. To become a medium is to become fully your own self, to explore and understand your own gifts, to see, not in comparison with another who and what you are, but to truly acknowledge your own self, not in a way that you direct and have great and deep expectations of certain gifts, but to put aside these expectations and allow those gifts to emerge in their own natural way and in their own timing. So when you pray to be used as an instrument of God, whatever way God may use you at any particular time, is the way in which God has gifted you with your particular ways and means of serving in love your brothers and sisters.

Consider that you are unique. Consider that gifts given will emerge with the power of God’s Love infilling your soul and awakening these gifts in turn and in harmony and that God is orchestrating the unfolding of your gifts, beloved souls. Therefore, you will inhibit this unfolding by expecting certain manifestations and outcomes of your gifts. They are uniquely you and will unfold in their own unique way as God will ensure that all gifts will come in their own good time and in ways that are in harmony with your soul. So, if you wish to become a medium, pray that this may happen, but not in a way that this must happen, but that the possibilities of this opening of a gift may come to you in harmony, in the ways of your own soulful awakening and evolution and transformation that is underway at this very time.

There are many ways to be a medium. The way in which I speak today through this instrument is not by any stretch the only way that this can be expressed. The dear soul to my left who is reading these questions expressed an experience that she had where she felt beautiful blessings flowing through her being. She was acting as a medium for God bringing a blessing through to all of you and to this world.

Many of you experience this particular thing and expression of your soul. This is being a medium, beloved souls. You are being a channel for God. This is important, to recognize that you are all channels for God in many wondrous ways, in unique ways, in a multiplicity of ways. You are being God’s mediums, God’s channels of Love in the world. This a joyful, joyful blessing for you and for others, to do so in this way, this innocent responsive way of yourself allowing God to work through you in these beautiful and deep blessings for all. Thank you.