Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 9, 2019
Location: Meyersdale, PA

I am Keea Atta Kem. We are very happy when you come together in this way to form these Circles of Light. For when you are of like mind and you share amongst your souls a deep desire to be with God and to receive this gift of Divine Love, we are able to come close and to assist you in many ways, to help you to come to know your own souls. For we help you to clear away those conditions and barriers within you that hold you from this awareness, this experience.

With each precious soul here, you come to add your spiritual strength, your soulful light. This can be of great value to one another for as you bring your gifts so we are able to blend and utilize these gifts for the benefit of your brothers and sisters, not only here in this circle but in many places in the world. So there is a great benefit that comes. There are many blessings that may come from this circle to benefit many others.

Beloved souls, when you come together in this way, in unity and in harmony and love, so you create a great light and draw in much light from God, from we in the Celestial Kingdom who are joyed to have this opportunity to be close, to work with you, to be with you and to speak to you. Each time you make this effort, so you come a little closer to all the potentials of your soul. You come to serve humanity in many ways that are difficult for you to recognize but flow out into the world nonetheless. Because you have innocently come together to share in this truth of God’s Love. In this, you invite many blessings, many blessings indeed that you may share amongst yourselves and share in the world as a channel of love

We are indeed very pleased and happy to be with you in this Circle of Light and to work with you in these efforts to uplift yourselves and to uplift the world. Keep these things in your prayers and your thoughts for this draws many angels to you and it draws the blessings of God upon you. May you be blessed deeply, my beloved, beloved friends, and come to know your beautiful souls. I love you. I love each and every one, precious, beautiful, in light and love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Keea Atta Kem and I serve within the flow and grace of God to assist you, to love you and uplift you. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.