Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 29, 2022
Location: Holland America Retreat (Malaga)

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Andrew. God will continue to open many doors for you. As you desire to serve God, so these things will be made possible. Understand that through the blessing of free will there will be many doors which you may enter in accordance to your desire and choice, but each door, given any particular situation, will lead to the same place. The choices that you make and the route that you will take is dependent upon your choice and free will. Such is the perfection of God’s Will for each of you. He does not insist upon one particular way but allows you the choice and prescribes in accordance to your unique being, qualities and perspective.  He does so with every soul, allowing that soul the latitude of choice, the way in which they may go in His loving ministrations upon His children. So He gives each one the joy of free will, that blessing so powerful and beautiful.

It is for you to maintain a perspective of the highest, continuing to pray and be with God, to be in alignment with God. As you do so those many doors will become fewer, not because God wishes to restrict you but because your perception and focus is narrowed somewhat by the quality of your consciousness, both in your mind and your soul. The choices become less complex and easier to be made with each day until there comes a day when that single door becomes the obvious choice and you take the straight and narrow route in your life.

In your world things are very complex caused by the many thoughts and human condition that is so very prevalent on this plane. These thoughts and conditions influence you and in many ways determine the choices you make. Yet beyond the human condition and mental machinations is the higher way of the soul that when ascribed to, your choices become more obvious and the road straighter. For as you are in greater alignment with God then you will find your way more quickly and the outcomes of your actions more effective, direct, powerful and beautiful.

It is the way of the soul that you seek and the way of the soul that we wish to nurture within you. So God sends His angels to be by your side to help you to make those decisions to walk that path that is ascribed to you. Beloved souls, be in the grace of God always. May His Will be so integral to your journey that you may walk it without even a thought but merely in the flow of His Will. The rightness of that flow will be felt and known within you. As you are in greater alignment with God so the way will be simplified and the knowledge of that way, the Will of God, the journey of each day will be in harmony and bring greater joy. So much is dependent upon the awakening of your soul so that you may have powerful perceptions and wisdom which bring you into alignment with God’s Will and the journey of service to your brothers and sisters in the world. You continue to grow in this way and to feel your way along this journey. As you continue to choose the Will of God, to desire to fulfill the Will of God in your life and express this in your life so the way will be made more clear and simplified and powerful in its compelling nature and guided footfalls in the world.

Listen to your soul, my beloved friends, listen to the beauty of your soul, the wisdom of your soul. As you express yourself in life, may it be done with love, love for yourself, love for all, and love for God. In this way you are sure to walk in the light and that that journey may be that in alignment with God’s Will. You are being blessed as Love continues to flow into your souls, His wisdom will be imparted through your souls. You will come to know God more fully with greater depth, breadth and joy. You are truly loved, truly loved.

My beloved friends, I am Andrew and I love you, each of you, such precious souls, children of God. We watch you as you awaken. We are a witness to the miracle of God’s Touch upon your soul and in this we are filled with joy. We come to know the beauty of God’s creation through you, that unique flower which is your soul. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you with His Love.