Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 8, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloved souls, I am Matthew. As your social interaction decreases, the spiritual landscape widens. The possibilities of soul-to-soul communication and bringing forth truth upon these wires is more noticed and has with it more power to inspire and uplift humanity. It is important at this time that you all focus your thoughts, energies, desires, and efforts on bringing forth the Truth of God’s Love to whomever will listen and be receptive to the words you have to speak, the prayers you have to bring together many in Circles of Light.

God’s Plan for the Salvation of Humanity continues to unfold. This unfoldment, I know, is still a mystery, and you have many questions as to how and when and why the world is subject to such conditions and circumstances. The world continues to be in chaos. Humanity continues to fight and resist the flow of God’s Will in the world. So struggles ensue, some of them of a physical nature, some of a mental nature and all of a spiritual nature, for each child in this world of yours in being challenged. That these energies of God, these blessings of God continue to implant the seed within each child, to beckon them to God, to discover their true natures, to uplift themselves in light.

So, you are the harbingers of this challenge and this invitation. Thus, you are feeling intensely this invitation for yourselves to step forward and to be God’s channels of Light and Truth and Love. As you answer this call, as your focus continues to be in harmony with God’s Will and in alignment with God, so the flow will intensify, the opportunities will open, and you will feel yourself growing within your soul, feeling closer to God, feeling in harmony with God’s Plan.

You are continuing to awaken to your own possibilities, potentials and gifts. Those many chambers of the soul are slowly coming to the fore where so much continues to lie hidden and unrecognized. Yet with each day you progress in the process of awakening and knowing yourself. This challenges the mind often while the sense of the soul continues to beckon you forward as the inspiration that comes from God through your soul continues to bubble forth into your mind.

This way of being, this inspired journey of life will continue to sharpen and intensify, widen and bring forth much guidance. Your understanding and your capacity to understand will grow. Those beliefs that you have long harbored, that are not altogether of Truth, will be transformed into Truth. God will bring to you all that you require to awaken those faculties, gifts and capacities, both of the mind and the soul, so that they may harmonize and blend into one beautiful pure light that may bring forth much teaching and truth, love and compassion for your beloved brothers and sisters.

You just begin, my friends. You just begin upon a very remarkable journey. One that you have been a part of and have decided to participate in since the beginning of your life in this world. So, this is the fruition of your commitment to God, to work for the Truth, to bring greater light to your world, to help usher in new ideas and ancient Truths that are of God. So, your challenge is to relate what is so very old, but so very powerful and beautiful, with the ways and attitudes and perceptions of modern life.

You will be guided in this way. You will have insights, visions, even words impressed upon your mind so that you may convey these things, so that others may be inspired and understand with clarity and with a sense of truth, with the power of love to inspire all towards light and towards reconnecting with their Creator. Much work to do, my friends, much work indeed. We will continue to assist you all in this work.

There is no need to feel a sense of trepidation or concern but rather joy, joy in that you are embarked upon the fulfillment of your purpose in this world. How many in your world even understand that they have a purpose? But you, my beloved souls, understand all too well that God has a plan for each one of you, and that to fulfill your part in this plan is a great, great blessing and will bring many rewards to your soul.

So may God bless you, my beautiful and beloved friends, souls of light eager to serve. You are precious to us. You are constantly surrounded by the angels. God’s Hand firmly rests upon you, beloved souls. You feel this and know this. Continue to acknowledge this deeper purpose, this great flow of guidance and intention. Be with God and all else will unfold. Seek for His Love and the unfolding will be made clear. The strength and power required to do this work will be given in the great blessing of the Father’s Love upon your soul.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. I am with you in your efforts. Many are with you. Much love is poured upon you. You shall indeed find your way and be blessed upon the journey. God bless you. I am Matthew and I love you. I love you dearly. God bless you.