Spirits: Moses with Jesus and Elijah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 13, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to you all, beloved souls. I am Moses. I come today to pray for this world with you. I come today because your world is in great need of all blessings that God has to give to every soul upon your world and upon the world of spirit, for every soul continues upon this road of progress and light. Though many are lost in darkness and do not understand or recognize the road towards light, but indeed, each of you yearn and long for this great gift of Light and Love.

So, I pray with you, beloved souls, because you are the hope of your world. You carry the key to understanding this road. You seek out God in the way of humble souls seeking to be reclaimed by God’s Love and remade by the blessings of His Love within you. In my day, we did not know this truth. It took another to bring this truth to us all in spirit. But you who walk the Earth at this time have come to know a great truth, the most powerful truth of all. So, you carry something so very precious and important. 

I ask each one of you to bring this truth to as many as you might upon this earthly plane. I know that many do not want to hear you. I know there is a great barrier between humanity and God. But I say to you that those who stand up for truth, who carry light, who are channels of love, harbingers of all that is of light and truth and goodness, you shall be heard in some corners. There are those who are eager to hear you.

It is unfortunate that you hear much criticism and resistance and believe that this is reflective of the whole world. But I tell you, this is not, for the humble souls who truly hear you do not speak up readily in such a harsh world for there are those in the world who continue to seek light, who have a great desire to know truth, who have within them that true longing to God. They  are your brothers and sisters to whom you must speak and be an example for each individual who sees and knows what it is that you express will be greatly uplifted and encouraged upon this road.

You are truly His children. Many of you carry great light and great insight. You must step forward as leaders, as channels of love, healers, and harbingers of peace. To bring greater light to the world requires those who are willing to step forward and declare light and truth in simple terms aimed directly at the souls of humanity, for God will utilize every instrument, every opportunity, every channel, every crack within the darkness where light may seep in. God is there and will use you to be His instruments.

Carry the torch of truth, beloved souls. Do not hesitate. Do not listen to those of darkness and confusion and great pain who wish to put out your light. They only have power if you allow them to be powerful. The power of light is greater than darkness. The power of love is greater than hate. The power of truth in all its simplicity and elegance may confound those who are solely in the mind, but indeed, those who are open and whose souls are receptive will absorb the truth you have to speak. It will inspire them forward to seek God within their hearts and souls.

You carry a great light and a great responsibility to lead your peoples out of darkness into light. So, as I did years ago when my people were so lost but God inspired me forward, so must you be the one who leads His children out of darkness into light. So, you must be the harbingers, the healers, the great channels of light in the world.

I come to encourage you and strengthen you upon that journey and this purpose so deep and profound. I come as God’s instrument, as many angels do so on your behalf. I come because my love for you is great. I come because I see within you a great hope for the world to know this truth and understand the road they must take.

May God bless you all, beloved souls, bless you, heal you, uplift you, that your souls may absorb this great blessing of Love, continuing to expand and heal you, transform you into an angel of God. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Moses and I come to bless you all. God bless you.

Accompanying message from Jesus:

I too come to bless you, beloved souls. I am Jesus. I come with my brother (Moses previously spoke) and all spirits and angels of heaven who come to focus upon your earthly plane in preparation and strengthening each of you for the changes that are coming and the blessings of God that will sweep away the darkness and open the way towards Light. I come that your souls are strengthened, that your minds are clear, that you are strong within yourself and in harmony with all that is of Truth. 

I come to bring my blessing upon you all, to encourage you to continue to pray and redouble your efforts again and again to receive this great gift of Love within your souls for this is what will ignite your instrumentality for God, all gifts that await the awakening of your soul so that they may be expressed in purity and light, power and goodness, to help the Creator in His cleansing of this world from all that is not in harmony with His laws of creation and all that is needed to bring harmony and balance and light to your world.

I am with you, your brother and friend. I am with you in Love. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you.

Accompanying message from Elijah:

Light upon the world, beloveds, I am Elijah. I too come to be with you in your prayers and to answer as God’s servant your request to bring Light upon the world. And so God sends His instruments as powerful channels for blessings upon this world of yours. I come with my brothers and my sisters of which there are many who pray with you this day to bring Light upon the world.

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you deeply, powerfully, beautifully in Light and Love. God bless you.