Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 30, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Confucius. I come to brings blessings of healing and love and light to all of you and to the dear soul, the dear daughter who is suffering at this moment. Healing comes, beloveds, to you all. The Father’s Love comes in a great wave that sweeps through you into your souls, this benediction of God’s Essence touching deep within you, the great healing of Love that awakens and transforms and brings the power of Truth, compassion, peace, Love into your beings. 

Each of you continues to long in your souls for this great blessing. Each of you is known by God for God knows all of His children, each struggle, each joy, every part of His Creation that are these precious children God knows and His Love for you will continue to pour upon you and on this world until that day when this world is healed and brought back to a place of harmony and light. 

Each of you that prays together are contributing to God’s efforts to bring this to be in your world. God needs each of you to continue in your efforts not only to uplift yourselves in Light, to truly awaken your souls in Love, for His Love, but God needs for  you to pray for this world, to step forward ,and act in love, in guided actions where God will bring blessings to others through you. You each have a great potential, beloved souls. You each can bring change to your world through your actions and prayers, through the awakening of your soul that brings Light and brings Truth. 

You, beloved souls, will continue to be guided by God, blessed by His hand upon you. The angels shall surround you, beloved souls, precious in God’s eyes, precious indeed. Consider God’s Will for each of you. Awaken to the true knowledge of your relationship with your Creator. Allow the deep peace of God’s Presence to infuse you, to infuse all in your life so that you walk in peace and joy, that you recognize the power of Love and allow this power to transform and bring you into greater at-onement with God.

We continue to stand by you, beloveds. We are with each of you and we are with many more. Many who are connected to you are blessed and have come to a place of awakening. There will be many others. Know that you continue to work for the Heavenly Father to bring about the transformation of mankind. There is a plan, beloveds. Listen and be aware. Sensitize yourself to God. Know that God’s Presence, God’s Truth, and God’s reality will grow within your conscious selves and bring what you require to understand His Will and to work accordingly.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Confucius. I bring a blessing to each of you, beloveds, a blessing to uplift, a blessing to heal and comfort, a blessing of love. I am with you.