Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 3, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Precious and beloved souls, I come, I am Jesus. I come because my love for you is great and God’s Love for you is infinite. I come because you yearn and long for this Truth to be alive within your soul, that God’s Breath may blow this Love into your soul, awakening it to all its wonders and beauty. You are my brothers and sisters, and I am your eldest brother because within me is the exemplification of God’s Love demonstrated through me to the universe. So I come as your elder brother, and so I come to urge you along this path that you too may be a powerful, clear and beautiful channel of Love for God and for all the universe. That light may shine through each one of you, its beauty exalted in love. 

Beloved souls, you carry the Truth in your heart. You are God’s children, truly, truly His children. You are my brothers and sisters truly in love, and together we create a great light in the world. As our numbers grow and our souls awaken to greater love, so this light brightens, so the world will be influenced and touched by our efforts in prayer, our journey towards greater light, the awakening of our souls that is this Love, an infinite journey, and so we are together for all eternity. 

Beloved souls, be true to yourselves, love yourselves, love your brothers and sisters, love God. In this loving of all, so the doors open and the awakenings unfold, the great flow of God’s Love into you and through you will influence all that you are and all that is in your lives. The power of this blessing so subtle yet so great, will change everything and will open all doors to you. As you continue to pray to God with the earnestness of your soul, so your prayers are answered, so God hears your prayers clearly and directly as His Love strikes the chord within you and you reflect this Love to God. So, all is possible in this interchange between your soul and God’s Soul, and all may be manifest in this beauteous, beautiful blessing that is God’s Touch upon you. 

We walk together. We walk together upon this wondrous journey, and we shall do so for all eternity upon the great path of Love, lit by God’s great Soul, His Love conveyed by His Holy Spirit, our Love growing and growing for all eternity. The unfolding of the great potential of our souls will not cease, but will continue and expand and be greatly transformed by the power of God’s Essence within us. We journey together, we journey together. My love for you is great. God bless you. 

I am your brother Jesus and I come to give a blessing to each one of you, to uplift you and uphold you upon this planet that gives such struggle and pain to so many. So, I uplift you and dissolve the darkness around you and bring light to each of you. None has been excluded, all are blessed upon this journey of light. 

Beloved souls, I am with you. God bless you with a mighty inflowing of His Love. God bless you with a deep peace that passes all understanding. God bless you with His healing Grace upon you. God bless you in Light, ever greater Light.