Spirit: Guru Nanak
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 19, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, my friends, I am Guru Nanak. I have come to bring you reassurance and love to help you to understand the journey which you are on. A formidable journey, my friends, one that is often not a part of life in your world, one that requires your dedication and your focus so that you may indeed reach greater heights both within your mind and your soul to be in greater light and truth. To walk a path that is indeed unique and singular in its way but has great potential to teach others on a similar path.

You ask of your gifts, my friends, you ask of your light and your progress upon your path. I tell you that you have a great light, that you have laid the foundations for your continued enlightenment, that you walk with truth and love. And little holds you back from greater awareness, from more profound truths and a closer connection to the Creator of all. Since your have built this foundation, you may indeed continue to add great things to your spiritual life and great gifts manifest. Build not on a flimsy shore but on a rock, the rock of Truth. And so your progress will continue to unfold with certainty, with clarity, with a joyful heart and with the wisdom of your soul expanded in love so you will grow and awaken in a multiplicity of ways. The facets of your soul shining through, awakening with every moment, every breath. Your souls continue to come to life and that which clouds your soul is purified with the Divine Love.

There is a great destiny for you all, my friends. You walk upon that path. It is straight and narrow and it will carry your forward revealing the plan of the Divine Father, the Creator of all who will set your course and light your way. Beloved friends, you have many who watch, many who come to support you and guide you in love. As you grow in strength and light, truth and love, so more and more will be drawn and more and more will seek you out. Walk in humility, walk in that light of God that shines upon us all and shows us the way to Truth. Awakening all the sensibilities and the senses of the soul bringing to you the great pearl of Truth that will shine forth in your minds and your souls. Never will you falter, my friends, for you are strong. You may encounter challenges in your life but you are strong and all that may challenge you is weak in comparison to your light and the truth that you carry. Do not allow the darkness and error of your world  inform your steps or your mind. Always seek Truth, never underestimate the power of your own soul’s seeking and desire for the Truth that God has to give to all.

You are blessed, my friends, you are truly blessed and you will join the ranks of we in the lighter realms of spirit, in the Celestial realms of God in time. And we will all celebrate the wonderment of the creation of God’s Universe. Blessings to you, my friends, Guru Nanak. I am here to assist and guide and pray for your continued upliftment. May the Love of God be your guiding light. Blessings to you, to you all. Thank you.