Spirit: Aaron
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 2, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Aaron. I come to beseech you to walk in the world with resolve, resolve towards light and truth, towards fulfilling God’s Will within your life and receiving God’s Love within your soul. I know that resolve is not often considered an attribute of the soul but indeed it can be and can be a great strength upon your journey towards God. To be in that state of extreme desire, to walk in grace and resolve, together makes for a formidable force in the world. 

It is usual for mortals to divide and delineate, to put aside certain things and adopt other things, to not be within themselves what you might call an integrated individual where all aspects of yourself come together in harmony. It is important that you see yourself as a complete individual filled with many aspects and attributes that are upon a journey towards coming together in harmony and love. As you pray for God’s Love, so these things become integrated although in your minds there is still a stubbornness that tries to delineate and judge and make unnecessary and undesirable ideas and concepts that complicate the matter greatly. 

You are one being. You have come to God to ask that God will awaken your soul and in so doing, bringing the consciousness of your mind and the consciousness of your soul together in harmony reflecting love and light. May you come to see that the mindful things that cause barriers, trying to assert themselves and segregate your conscious self in various ways must be released, so to allow for this great integration of the soul and mind. 

In this way, you will see the world so very differently. Certainly, you will not aspire to reflect those perceptions and conditions that are of man’s making. Rather you will come to know your world and your life in relationship and harmony with God’s Creation with the life that God means for you to live. I know it is difficult to see those difficult patterns and it is difficult to release them and to release all conditions within that are not in harmony with love. But indeed, this is your challenge. It is important, at this time, that you may come to God in the fullness of your heart, in the knowing of your soul, and the desire of your mind to be at one with God and to be at one with yourself. 

In this way, you will make a powerful and beautiful channel of love, an example of what humanity must aspire towards, and what is the inevitable evolution of consciousness within humanity. As the soul is awakened, so all is transformed and all is integrated into one. I ask you to walk this road in a conscious way, to not be ignorant or to slough off your responsibilities in the way that you must bring greater harmony to yourself and greater light to your expression in the world. Your soul knows this. Your soul is prepared for this transition of thought, mind, feeling and knowing. 

You will find your way, beloved souls. Whether you do so in the world of the material or in the world of spirit is up to you. It is your choice, but to do so in the world of the material is a great challenge and requires great effort. I know you pray often and for God’s Love. You continue to beseech God to transform you with His Love. But indeed, some of that transformation must come from your own efforts to accept and adopt that which is coming in the consciousness of your soul being brought into harmony with God’s Creation and with God’s Love. These parts within must merge and be expressed with those other parts which you are so fond of nurturing and keeping separate from your spiritual life.

Beloved souls, you must see the integrated whole as the goal of your life, to put aside those intellectual things, to put aside those judgmental parts, to put aside that desire for those conditions that reflect more the human condition and creation than that of God. I know this is much to ask of you. Indeed, as you pursue the Divine Path, it is inevitable that you will come into alignment with those things in harmony with the blessing of God’s Love within you. 

The more you resist, the greater will be the struggle, the greater will be the pain that you experience and the disillusionment that often comes from a mind that has so many expectations of yourself that are merely the reflections of the human condition and those things that you have inherited from generations of thought and deed that are not in harmony with God.  

A new day begins, children of Earth. Each day is a new day, a gift offered to you by God. May you find your way in light, in harmony, in peace and within this needed integration of all parts of yourself as the great power of love indeed melts away the darkness, error and pain, bringing to you joy and knowing and completeness, a completeness that never ends. It is growing and expanding with the Great Love that continues to infill your soul. 

This is a journey towards knowing your true self, your complete self, knowing God, knowing all that is of God and expressing this and being a great example for others in this expression. 

God bless you, beloved and beautiful souls. I am Aaron and I’m happy to be here tonight. May you be resolved to move towards light, truth, and love with each day, that that resolve may strengthen with each day, that you may come into alignment, into wholeness, into joy, into love in all ways that you are, and have been created, and will come to be in time. God bless you,  my love is with you and many are here with love for each one of you from the Celestial Kingdom and many who have been your family, your ancestors, and seeking souls who continue to watch and absorb from your example and from these efforts that you make in these prayers together. May God bless you, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply within and may that blessing shine forth in everything that you are and everything that you do.  Thank you for listening to me today. God bless you.